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Cover Letters From Hell

It’s tough to tailor your cover letter for each job application, but it IS necessary. It takes concentration, eloquence, and most importantly, SPELL CHECK! I came across this blog posting talking about some tragic cover letter mistakes and thought it would be a good share. Take a read:


If you scroll down to the bottom of that post, you will see some gem excerpts from cover letters, like:

“A flaw that I must point out because it even bothers me is that I am impatient. I hate waiting, but then again who does?” [Was that a trick question?]

“It is through the innovational process, as well as media, that the features of an image can be highlighted and brought to the forefront for the consumer viewing.”
[We would translate this, but it sounds better in the original Gibberish.

Anyhow, enjoy this and keep it in mind when writing your next cover letter.

"Dear Sir or Madman..."

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