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Young Guns

Everyone is busy recapping the winners from Cannes. We’ve seen all those ads, and most of us predicted which ones would win big. Yawnzilla.

So I went looking for something new and came across this Southern Comfort ad. Another fun, don’t-give-an-eff spot from Wieden + Kennedy, New York. This new guy is no Mel Shampain, but he’s still pretty rockin’ in his high-waisted mom jeans. And I dig his work ethic. He puts in a full 45 seconds then turns tail and heads for a cocktail.

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Snake Skin Wash Station

Continue their theme of letting your freak flag fly, Southern Comfort is back with another “Whatever’s Comfortable” ad by agency Wieden + Kennedy, New York. This time we meet up with a new, cool daddy getting his ‘fro fondled in a beauty salon. And so what? He owns it – and you know he owns it when he flashes his snake skin boots and rests a cool, refreshing Southern Comfort on his poly-blend slacks.

The song is “The Beat” by Lou Johnson.

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southern comfort

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Is This Still Happening?

old spice shower

Ugh. Old Spice does it again.

I hate to love this new spot by W+K Portland called “Shower”. It promotes Old Spice’s new bar soap.

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Snow Birds?

This spot by Wieden + Kennedy, Sao Paulo starts out a little strange, but stick around for the ending.

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Cats with Thumbs Return

Another cat commercial!

Cravendale, working with Wieden + Kennedy, London, just released a second ad as a follow-up to the successful 2011 “Cats with Thumbs” commercial.

“Catnapped” shows us Bertrum Thumcat’s evil plan to take over the world by abducting and brainwashing an army of milk men. He even has his own Facebook page promoting the cause.

Good for Cravendale! Milk needs a new mascot – cows are totally played out. And with the heightened popularity of our feline friends thanks to the internet (and the fact that they’re awesome), might as well take advantage of it, right?

Well done, W+K. This campaign is fun and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Central Goes Latin

Comedy Central has arrived in Latin America, and to promote this, W+K São Paulo has created this really funny (although perhaps somewhat derogatory) two-minute long commercial.

Is this offensive? I kind of feel like it might be. But that’s probably what makes it so funny.

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300 Pounds of Pure Swagger

Stuck in the office? Since you can’t go to the beach, I thought I would bring the beach to you.

Southern Comfort just launched the “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign and the first ad is called ‘Beach’. It’s another amazing spot by Wieden + Kennedy, New York. These guys can do no wrong in my books.

When I watch this spot, I compulsively nod my head in agreement to everything that’s going on. The music, the actor, the bathing suit… this guy has some serious swag.


** UPDATE: So many people find this blog post looking for two things;

  1. Where was this filmed?
  2. And who is the actor?

The answers, straight from Wieden + Kennedy, NYC:

  1. This commercial was filmed in Castelldefels, about 20Km south of Barcelona.
  2. The actor is computer generated, like the Hulk. But graceful, and with a way better moustache. Just playing with you. The real answer, “we prefer not to disclose his name,” sounded a bit boring. << Wahh wahh.  Thanks to Steve who left a comment and finally solved the mystery! The actor is named Mel Shampain!
  3. See new campaign featuring Mel as a weatherman.


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Lactose Make You Want to Just Curl Up in a Ball?

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, London, this ad for Arla Lactofree dairy has some fantastic and intricate miniature sets that would have been a blast to work on. But the real stars are the African Pygmy Hedgehogs, who according to the creative director were “wonderful and very sweet, but rubbish actors.”

It turns out that hedgehogs as a species are lactose intolerant. Although they can stand the occasional plain low-fat yogurt. (Jaime Lee Curtis is breathing a huge sigh of relief.)

“Hedgehogs. Why can’t they just share the hedge?”
– Dan Antopolski


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“Healthy Doesn’t Need To Be Humdrum.”

And neither does your voice-over!

Wieden + Kennedy London hired Rutger Hauer to do the voice-over for this visual cornucopia for their clients, Lurpack. Hauer, as you may or may not know, has been in such movies as Blade Runner, Sin City, and one of my personal favorites, Hobo With A Shotgun.

But back to the commercial. This spot is action-packed, colourful and inspiring. It encourages you to experiment with healthy foods and create in the kitchen. And kind of makes me want to watch Hobo With A Shotgun again.

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