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Stinking Try Hards

social media dbagAxe, the bane of my olfactory sense’s existence, has released a new campaign from Barton F. Graff 9000 introducing their Social Effort Scale. It ranks the amount of effort you put into social media.


Because apparently women like guys who use social media effortlessly.

Here, watch this video:

So if you’re overusing hashtags, taking too many selfies, and God forbid, showing your duck face to the world, you, sir are trying too hard. Want to know your score? Go to SocialEffortScale.com (I’m +147).


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Real Beauty? More Like Real Misguided.

Ogilvy Toronto has released a new video on the Dove ‘Real Beauty‘ campaign, showing how the company went after the people (see: evil villains) who manipulate the photos to create unrealistic expectations of beauty. The art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers.

Oh those pesky art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers! So sneaky! Because after all, it’s they who have final say on what goes to print, right? Certainly it’s not the client or the brand managers who are responsible for altering the public’s perception of beauty in order to sell more product.

This Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign has always irked me. It’s a crock of hypocritical shit.


Dove is owned by Unilever: the same company that owns Axe Body Spray (Lynx in the UK). Here’s a lovely poster promoting Axe where you can see these poor girls seem to have had their asses and at least three inches of their thighs digitally removed.


If you’re going to declare war on art directors and graphic designers for manipulating photos, you should stop and give your head a shake. Then go talk to your fellow brand managers and the suits that sign off the creative on behalf of Unilever. What a stupid campaign.

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