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Ontario GM Drives a Message with Animation

I hate typical car ads.


Aerial shot of (applicable vehicle) driving over random bridge in what looks to be a post-apocalyptic city (no people, no other cars). Driver wearing unnecessary helmet hidden behind tinted windows of most pimped-out version of  (applicable vehicle).


Random arbitrary price for the most stripped-down model. Post editor can pick the price.


It’s our (applicable season) blow-out sale! You’ve never seen prices like these!


Do not attempt. Professional driver (Not in the budget. Tell the PA to drive.) on closed course.

That’s why it makes me happy to see ads that break the mould a little. Like these three illustrated videos for Ontario GM, created by MacLaren McCann Toronto, with illustration by Tinman Creative, reminding you to take care of your vehicle.

Will they result in more sales for GM? Who knows, but at least I won’t feel like throwing a shoe at the TV when they come on. So that’s a start.

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The Power of Bacon

We all know the power of bacon. It’s the candy of meat. Delicious, salty goodness. It gets us out of bed in the mornings. It makes everything taste better. It’s not just meat, it’s motivation.

That’s exactly the messaging in the following Maple Leaf ads by John St. “Change your life… with bacon.”


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It’s Not Like I Buy My Own Nibbles

Here’s the second spot by BBDO TO for the Ontario Ministry of Health which tackles the issue of ‘Social Nibbling’.

You may recall the first spot about Social Farting?

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You Better Work! January Jobs

Can you believe that it’s been two months since I posted a YBW?

The job market seemed a little dry back in November and December. But now that the holidays are over, there are a number of great job postings popping up. More so in Toronto than Vancouver, but that’s not unusual.

Here are a few to get you started.


  • Hootsuite > Strategic Account Manager. (Link)
  • Hootsuite > Social Media Coach (Link)
  • Station X > Graphic Designer (Link)
  • Mountain Equipment Co-Op > Marketing Specialist (Link)
  • Naked Underwear > Marketing Coordinator (Link)
  • Telus > Marketing Communications Specialist (Link)
  • BCIT > Marketing & Communications Strategist (Link)
  • Cossette > Brand Services Coordinators, Managers & Directors (Link)
  • Vancouver Canucks > Account Executive, Partner Activation (Link)
  • Nature’s Path Organic > Digital & Social Media Specialist (Link)
  • Vancouver Community College > Graphic Designer (Link)
  • Qtrade Canada > Marketing & Communications Writer (Link)
  • Zipcar > Marketing Manager (Link)
  • Prestige Marketing > Online Marketing Specialist/PPC Manager (Link)
  • DSA Media > Media Supervisor (Link)
  • City of Surrey > New Media Manager (Link)


  • TAXI > Junior Art Director (Link)
  • TAXI > Senior Web Developer (Link)
  • SHAW Communications > Creative Director (Link)
  • Postmedia Network > Audience Segmentation Manager (Link)
  • SID LEE > Junior Account Manager (Link)
  • Home Depot > Database & Analytics Specialist (Contract) (Link)
  • Initiative > Planning Supervisor (Link)
  • The Marketing Store > Account Supervisor (Link)
  • Indeed.ca > Senior Account Executive (Link)
  • Canadian Diabetes Association > Marketing Coordinator (Link)
  • Sony Ericsson > Marketing Communications Coordinator (Link)
  • Johnson & Johnson > Assistant Brand Manager (Link)
  • AOL > Account Manager (Link)
  • Twitter > Account Manager (Link)
  • Yahoo! > Account Executive (Link)
  • Rogers > Marketing Communications Coordinator (Link)
  • Wunderman > Account Coordinator (Link)
  • Transcontinental > Advertising Brand Director (Link)
  • Aveda > Marketing Manager (Link)
  • Special Olympics > Director of Marketing & Communications (Link)

Know of any great job openings that should be on this list? Add them in the comments below!

It was only a matter of time before the interns would rise up and demand access to the beer cart.

It was only a matter of time before the interns would rise up and demand equal access to the beer cart.

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My Kind of Creative Briefs

If there was ever a campaign that I would punch a kitten in the face to work on, it would be Rethink Breast Cancer’s ‘Your Man Reminder’.

The ‘Your Man Reminder’ app has been around for a while. Really hot men remind ladies via their iPhone or Android to give their breasts some TLC (Touch. Look. Check.)

The following ad was created by John St., Toronto and announces the new version of the app.

For iPhone and Android devices. Download for free today!
iPhone: http://bit.ly/T9eVkR
Android: http://bit.ly/Qw9C1J

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Learning CPR is Dead Simple

Looks like the Heart & Stroke foundation has a very healthy advertising budget. Working with Agency59 out of Toronto, they’ve launched what could only be described as an epic public service announcement.

Check out this new spot demonstrating how learning CPR is dead simple:

Zombies, again? *yawn*


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Purple is the Colour of Money

If you haven’t heard the news, Cadbury has officially won the right to trademark Pantone 2685C. They own their own purple… that is when it comes to chocolate bars and drinks. They were in dispute with Nestlé over the colour – and the argument has been ongoing until yesterday when an appeal brought forth by Nestlé was overturned in the High Court.

There are many companies with trademarked colours. I found a little quiz over at Business Insider on identifying brands on their trademark colours alone.

Here’s one of Cadbury’s most recent commercials, created by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto showcasing that lovely purple. The spot is entitled”Pinata” and is introducing two new flavours of Cadbury’s chocolate bars.


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It’s Gonna Be a Good Day, Frank

As some of you may or may not know, I’m on the committee for the NABS Speed Mentoring event happening one week from today. We’re over half-way sold-out of tickets, so if you’re thinking of coming, better get your ticket before they’re gone!

NABS is a great, national organization that I’ve been volunteering for as long as I can remember. I think I’m going on ten years now. They organize a ton of great events, including the Cannes Lions Screening, golf tournaments, cocktail parties, and now Speed Mentoring.

And back by popular demand, NABS is holding the second annual Vintage Intern Auction. Eight of Canada’s top marketing executives will be auctioned off to the highest bidding companies to work as interns in their offices for one day—all in support of NABS.

They just released a spot promoting the auction, which features ad legend Frank Palmer  being given his first task of the day as an intern. Hilarity ensues.

Bid today at nabs.org/vintageintern

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