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Petals to the Metal

Make sure you watch this in 1080. It’s a beautiful ad by McCann Worldwide for the new Sony Bravia 4K which boasts four times the detail of HD. (Translation: now you won’t just see every pore on your favorite actor’s face, you’ll be able to see INSIDE the pores of your favorite actor.)

Song is “Berlin” by Ry X.


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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Tight

With your spending, that is. Although I personally steer clear of that philosophy.

This ad was created by Chi & Partners, London for Carphone Warehouse… which I discovered sells phones and cellular plans, as well as tablets and other technology – and not those bulky old gross Zach Morris car phones.



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Your Rash is Hot Contagious?

Droga5 has released a new ad in the series of “Lazy Phone” ads for the Motorola Moto X. This one is pretty funny.


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You Should Probably Make An Appearance: Merging Media Conference

I just signed up to attend the Merging Media 2013 Special Global Edition Conference – and you should too. This conference will be showcasing the best and brightest cross-media innovation from all over the world, happening Nov 6-7, 2013 on Granville Island.

So what is cross-media?

Cross media or transmedia is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

From a production standpoint, it involves creating content that engages audiences using various techniques to permeate their daily lives. In order to achieve this engagement, a transmedia production will develop stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together (overtly or subtly), but are in narrative synchronization with each other.


Exactly. This is why you need to attend Merging Media.

Join vibrant conversations on the latest transmedia trends, business intelligence and creative strategies that are shaping the industry worldwide. The Keynote is Kathy Franklin, the President and Franchise Development for Avatar, James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. And speakers include Lara Hoefs (The Twilight Saga Brand Manager) and Sara Moscowitz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Syfy, to name a few. Check the full listing here.

Whether you are a Marketing Executive suit or a social media maven, come learn, be inspired, and open the door to new opportunities.




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The Art of Data Visualization

Calling all data geeks, get ready for a mystical and entertaining ride through the world of data visualization courtesy of PBS.

Data visualization - Metallica CD.

Data visualization – Metallica CD.



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21st Century Parenting

All you need is a WIFI signal and you too can be a parent of the year… at least according to Windows Phone. Check out this latest ad where all of those pesky little sticky-fingered questions can be answered by throwing a smart phone in your child’s face.

“Where do babies come from? Look it up, kid.”

Agency: Jam, London


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SURVEY: How Do You Stay Creative?

Tell me how you stoke your creative fires. It’s only three short questions – and they’re pretty funny if I do say so myself. C’mon!
Click here to take survey

Click the image to go to the survey.

Or click the image to go to the survey. Your choice. I don’t care.

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The Apple Store

appleBut not quite as you know it.

Check out this ad for Somersby Cider by Fold7, UK.

Watching this really makes me wish for summer… and that they would sell booze in the real Apple Stores. A quick pint would – at the very least – make the noise, the line-ups, and the stench of everyone who’s “just looking” a little more bearable.

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Vancouver Marketing Event: Tractionforce

Explore The Cloud: Tractionforce 2013

March 21st, 2013: At this event, you will see first hand, how cloud technologies are helping organizations scale at record speeds and learn from industry leaders about cloud-based technology including:

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Quality & Management
  • Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Social
  • Mobile
Register here.
Location: District 319‎ – 319 Main Street, Vancouver

9:00am to 9:45am – Registration and Networking
  • Pick up your name badge
  • Network with other cloud enthusiasts
  • Enjoy complimentary snacks & refreshments

9:45am to 10:00am – Keynote Address

A “Welcome to the Cloud” from Traction on Demand’s Greg Malpass

10:00am to 12:00pm – Expo & Sponsor Presentations

  • Enjoy the expo and chat with industry leading vendors
  • Sponsor presentations at the Main Stage
  • Networking, food & beverages

Register here.

Free food and a legit reason to get out of the offic…. I mean, networking and learning! Hooray!

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