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‘I guess that ‘Mac gettin’ eaten’

McDonald’s working with TBWA France launched this new ad campaign with simplified visuals (they call them “pictos”) of their food products.

(Click for a larger image.)


That’s it. Those are the print ads. Recognizable – but not exactly appetizing. However, on that note, neither was their song choice for the TV spot.

The campaign includes a short video of a band of McVandals painting the town with these pictos. The soundtrack? Azealia Bank’s ‘212’.

To say the lyrics of this song are a little inappropriate would be an understatement. And since this is a family blog (not really, but my mom reads it sometimes), I’m not posting the lyrics, but you can go check them out here. (Not you, mom. You wouldn’t like it.)

Sure they just used the intro of the song and none of the lyrics… but knowing the song, I can’t help to think of the chorus in my head while I watch this spot. And that makes me laugh… uncomfortably.



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What Did You Say?

Amusing set of ads for a UK store called Lidl which, based on these ads, sells everything all in one spot. Creative by TBWA London.

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No More Internet For Me Today…

Poopy-Cat-02‘Poopy Cat’ is a disposable, biodegradable litter box that can be delivered right to your door – provided you live in the Netherlands.

But that’s not important.

What’s important is this video created by TBWA to sell the product. I don’t even have a cat, and I live in Canada… but I almost ordered one just because of this video.

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McScuse Me?

ronald_mcdonald_by_iroisaac-d341ad7We started the week with characters from famous horror movies, so let’s end the week the same way. Direct from TBWA Paris, check out this bizarre ad for McDonalds.

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I’ve Lost My Appetite

Creepiest bug repellant advert ever made courtesy of TBWA, Istanbul.


“Don’t be their feast. Mosquito killer spray.”

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Stop-Motion Knitting

This is an adorable stop-motion/live-motion advert from TBWA Brussels promoting Aardgas, a natural gas provider. It illustrates that natural gas is the perfect complement to solar energy. Especially in a country that doesn’t get sun year-round. A country like Belgium.

The film was directed by Olivier Babinet and produced by Lovo Films for the Belgian Natural Gas Association.

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Rotton Apples

As if Mondays weren’t depressing enough, I have come across the worst Apple commercials ever made. Yes, it’s finally happened. Apple has released a series of painful commercials that make you feel moderately embarrassed for everyone involved. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, because our first ad “Mayday” has 300,000 views – and 1,200 dislikes. The comments were disabled for all of these spots. I guess Mac fans may have been a little too expressive with their feedback.

If you’re still here, you’re clearly a sucker for punishment. Either that, or in shock, which is perfectly understandable. Now we’re going to watch “Basically”. Another spot in the series that basically makes me want to punch myself in the face just so it will end sooner.

And last up is “Labor Day”. Good luck trying to make it through this one.

So what’s wrong with these ads? Pretty much everything. First off, this is not the brand that Mac fans know and love. I would expect something like this from Microsoft, not Mac. Both the writing and acting is unbearably cheesy. And the scenarios, well, I can’t even begin.

Sorry to say, but TBWA\Media Arts Lab totally missed the mark with these ones.

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Where’s My Switch?

Finally summer arrives in Vancouver. And here I am, just as in winter, an observer of the weather from my office window. (Sad trombone.)

The glow of my monitor, however, is slowly starting to take a back seat to the shiny fire orb in the sky. The orb seems to want me to come up with some sort of excuse, any excuse to leave the office early. If we had stairs in this office, I’d consider throwing myself down them.

Weather like this makes me crave a hot patio and an ice-cold beer (or three). Maybe that’s why this Heineken ad by TBWA \NEBOKO caught my eye. Or maybe because it’s another brilliant example of gorgeous (high-budget) advertising. This new spot is called ‘The Switch’, and no, that isn’t Amy Winehouse behind the mic. The title song for this visual extravaganza is called ‘Love Letter’ and it’s performed by Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes.

Enjoy while I go lick the bathroom door handle.

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GE: Ancient Myth Meets Today’s Technology

Clearly it’s a little late for a “Friday Morning Movie”.

I was busy putting the final touches on our new company website. (Raises the roof.) I’m very excited to have it live now. I’ll be writing the blog for that site as well, so pop over there once in a while and check out my more corporatey stuff. We’re going to post once a week.

Back on this side of the fence I figured we would watch a trilogy of ads for GE China directed by TBWA Shanghai. The animation and the use of colour is beautiful and the stories mirror those of ancient Chinese folklore. The stories were brought to life by Golden Wolf, who describe them as “ancient myth meets today’s technology”.

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Absolut Electro Desert Dog Race

What do you get when you mix a broken mirror ball, a bag of feathers, a roll of tinfoil, three robot dogs and The Swedish House Mafia? An Absolut Vodka commercial, of course.

This 3:30 spot was created by TBWA and takes us to the desert where we get to watch some electro Greyhound dogs mysteriously controlled by house music, race against each other for the entertainment of a Steampunk-meets-Lady-Gaga-looking crowd.

There are some awkward moments that could have been left on the cutting room floor, but the concept is unique. The Gaga-esque costumes are interesting and the track by Swedish House Mafia carries the spot. Overall not too shabs.


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