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Somebody’s Watching Me

Google, with their recent privacy policy change had people speculating that the giant was becoming more evil.

In order to provide more personalized (highly tailored) online experiences, Google tracks what maps you look at, what videos you watch on YouTube, the emails you send and receive in Gmail and the searches you perform. They cross-reference that information and use it to serve up ads that they feel are best suited to you and your interests.

Sure, all this data this is good for the advertisers, but I have a problem with the whole concept of personalized online experiences in the same way I take issue with retargeted advertising. But that’s another post.

The following print ads by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners out of San Francisco made me take notice. They look like they were hand-drawn, which portrays Google less as a giant who tracks your every move, and more like your buddy. The tagline casually points out that “Maybe the best ads are just answers”. It asks you to change the way you perceive Google ads. They’re not ads anymore. They’re answers. Helpful answers from your buddy, Google.

I think an alternate line could have been “We know you better than you know yourself”.


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