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PRADA: Castello Cavalcanti

Love it.

Jason Schwartzman
Giada Colagrande

Written and directed by Wes Anderson
Cinematography: Darius Khondji
Editing: Stephen Perkins
Production Design: Stefano Ortolani
Costumes Design: Milena Canonero
Music: Alessandro Casella & Randall Poster
Production: The Directors Bureau in association with Hi! Production

Jason Schwartzman


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Friday (Post) Morning Video

Puppets! The stars of today’s short film. No animation or stop motion here, folks. No. Just puppets. And good ones performing timeless slapstick.

May I present “The Grumpy King” directed by Johnny & Will for the Cartoon Network.

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Friday Morning Movie: Frankie Rulez

Everybody wants to rule the world. At least according to Tears for Fears.

Today’s animated short introduces us to a little alien named Frankie. He’s on a mission to conquer the galaxy, one planet at a time. This 3D animation is pretty impressive. The story is funny, albeit a little crass in the end (no pun intended).

The film was written and directed by San Charoenchai and is already lining up the awards, including,

  • 2012 Red Stick International Animation Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 Seattle International Film Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 LES Film Festival Official Selection

Enjoy – and have a great Canada Day long weekend!

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Friday Morning Movie: Happy Food

This is a little short to be a movie, but whatever.

Created by Yum Yum, London, today’s “movie” is just over a minute long. Yum Yum is same bunch that did the Parallel Parking video that I posted a while back. Yum Yum is a team made up of Beth and Johnny. According to their website, they “make things for you. Animations to share with your friends and toys to brighten up your home or desk.” The toys are actually really fun. Go check out their website.

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Friday Morning Movie: My Way

Great illustration style and the perfect voice over. Today’s animated short film is a true gem, based on the original story written and illustrated by Svjetlan Junaković.

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Friday Morning Movie: Mr. Foley

Another Friday morning is upon us. And with that, I present another Friday Morning Movie for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s flick is dark and twisted, just how I like them. It’s won a fistful of awards and was directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman (aka D.A.D.D.Y.) from Dublin. Enjoy!


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Friday Movie: Cosmo New Year

It’s finally Friday.

I went into my archives to find today’s movie. It’s a fun animation about a Russian Cosmonaut spending New Years Eve in space. Directed and animated by Anton Korolyuk and Artem Bizyaev.

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Friday Movie + Bonus Feature: WIZZprod°

What happens when two eccentric parents buy their little brat a zombie best friend as a birthday present? It’s the question we’ve all been asking ourselves. Now we finally have the answer. My Bloody Lad shows us that unconventional friendship has its benefits… and some serious downsides.

A WARNING: (besides the extreme, well-illustrated yet comedic violence), this film contains a dubstep track. I’m sure you all know my feeling about dubstep – but it actually kind of suits this flick.

This video was produced at Wizzprod°, which has produced a few of my other favourite commercials, including this gem:

And this, which is a similar illustration style to our movie today.

You must check out their Vimeo page. It’s filled with tons more great stuff.

And yes, I totally forgot about the Friday Morning Movie. I think going forward, it will now just be the Friday Movie. Because I am always forgetting to post until the afternoon and don’t do well with imaginary guilt. 


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Friday Morning Movie: The Lost Thing

I came across the trailer for this short about a year ago. It look really interesting, but couldn’t locate the full version.

Today, when I was looking for my inspiration for the animated short, I thought I would check out the recent winners of the Academy Awards. And hooray! The Lost Thing had won for Best Animated Short. I decided to try to search it out online one more time. And here it is! All fifteen minutes and fifty-four seconds.

The story starts out with a boy finding a lost thing on the beach. And well, you can see for yourself how it ends.

Directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan. Written by Shaun Tan

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Friday Morning Movie: Zero

Today’s movie is called Zero. It is a stop motion animation written, directed and produced by Christopher and Christine Kezelos. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet – but it looks pretty amazing. Plus it has received a ton of awards and nominations (and that makes things automatically awesome, right?), including;

– 2010 LA Shorts Fest: Best Animation
– 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival: First Place – Best Animation
– 2010 ATOM Awards: Best Short Animation
– 2010 Grand OFF – World Independent Film Awards: Best Animation
– 2010 Naples International Film Festival: Best Short Film
– 2010 Bondi Short Film Festival: Best Script
– 2010 Bondi Short Film Festival: Best Design
– 2011 Shorts Film Festival: Best FX
– 2010 Flickerfest International Film Festival: Best Achievement in Sound


I recommend you full-screen this bad boy, throw your feet up on your desk, sneak some Bailey’s into your coffee and enjoy. 

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