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Sex on Credit?

This funny animated spot is by agency Herezie, Paris for Confidis, a financial services company that’s trying to get you to change your perceptions about credit – just as we should change our perceptions on how men only think about sex.

It’s a tough one to connect – and I’m not sure the brand will be memorable, but this is amusing as hell. Enjoy!


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Happy Valentine’s Day – IKEA Style

Sex jokes. By BBH Singapore. borjechair


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Trauma with a Side of Garlic Toast

Ragu has recently released a new series of ads entitled ‘Long Day of Childhood‘ and they’ve left me with some slight indigestion. The ads, like the sauce, aren’t the worst. But you know there’s something off and you’ve definitely had better.

Perhaps you’ve seen one or two of these by now. They’re spreading like wildfire on the Internet, and even appeared earlier today on Tosh.O’s blog (he came up with a better title than I did).

This first spot aired during the Olympics and it’s seemed to have gotten everyone’s short shorts in a bunch. Here’s why;

Walk in on mommy and daddy getting it on? Don’t talk about what happened. Just feed the kid some refined carbohydrates covered in a sugar-tomato sauce. “There you go, Jimmy. Eat your feelings. That’s a good boy.”

The song is pretty funny, “Parents in bed, but it’s just eight o’clock, that’s why they taught you that you should always knock.” But overall, it’s kind of a depressing spot by BFG9000, NYC.

Here are some more.

Bullied by your friends? Eat your feelings!

Is your mother over-bearing? Eat your feelings!

Terrible at sports? You know the answer. Don’t try harder! Eat! Those! Feelings!

Way to go, mom!

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Extended Pleasures For Everyone!

Continuing the illustration theme, we now focus our attention to condoms. It seems that sperm are quite active little guys, especially when left to their own devices. Below are two ads showing how sperm keep themselves busy while you enjoy some extended pleasure condoms. Two thumbs up for the level of detail in both of these ads. Much like the superhero ads in my previous post.

The first ad is out of Lima, Peru. Done by ad agency Mayo DraftFCB. The second, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Age Communicascoes.

Click on the images to see the full size.

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