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Rethink Endangered

Let’s finish the week with some really strong print creative from Brazil. Ad agency Fischer put together these solid ads for Conservation International. The idea? If man needed the meat of endangered species, would they be endangered? When there is an economical interest, people find a solution.

(Click on the ad for a bigger image.)


arara_42x28_final_aotw tamandua_42x28_final_aotw panda_42x28_final_aotw


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You Must Have Been a Difficult Baby…

‘Cos baby look at you now.

Check out these bad ass babies in the new Playtex pacifier ads. Created by Grey Healthy People. I like the creative for the fact that it would stop a mother – any mother, let alone one with a difficult baby – while flipping through her copy of Today’s Parent.

The payoff: “For difficult little people.”




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Perverts, Cheaters & Rats Breath Easy

This print campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand for Texa Allergy was recently on Buzzfeed, where they identified them as “superbly photographed, award-winning ads for allergy relief medicine“.

I like the idea, but the “peeping Tom” shot is a little disturbing.

Peeping Tom



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Somebody’s Watching Me

Google, with their recent privacy policy change had people speculating that the giant was becoming more evil.

In order to provide more personalized (highly tailored) online experiences, Google tracks what maps you look at, what videos you watch on YouTube, the emails you send and receive in Gmail and the searches you perform. They cross-reference that information and use it to serve up ads that they feel are best suited to you and your interests.

Sure, all this data this is good for the advertisers, but I have a problem with the whole concept of personalized online experiences in the same way I take issue with retargeted advertising. But that’s another post.

The following print ads by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners out of San Francisco made me take notice. They look like they were hand-drawn, which portrays Google less as a giant who tracks your every move, and more like your buddy. The tagline casually points out that “Maybe the best ads are just answers”. It asks you to change the way you perceive Google ads. They’re not ads anymore. They’re answers. Helpful answers from your buddy, Google.

I think an alternate line could have been “We know you better than you know yourself”.

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Afternoon Print Ad Delight

JWT Converse Mask campaign for Polish Converse website. Love.

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Please Help

Over the past month, you couldn’t turn on a TV without seeing a Sarah McLaughlin and her three-legged dogs, the empty shelves at a local food bank or the piles of toys being donated in exchange for a pancake breakfast.

I think it’s great that everyone gets involved during the holidays and that our awareness is heightened. But what about the rest of the year? The need doesn’t stop when the tree comes down.

Let’s take a look at some print ads which try to encourage us to think a little bigger.

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Where Have Your Hands Been?

‘Tis the season for spreading your germs.

That’s right kids. This year for Christmas, you’re getting strep throat! Or the flu. Or something equally annoying. That is, of course, unless you stay away from other people and wear your surgical masks.

The point is, this city is covered with germs. Every morning, when I get to work and before I touch my keyboard and mouse, I slather on some peach-scented anti-bacterial hand lotion to kill off any germies that I may have hitched a ride from the coffee shop. You need to be diligent about these things.

Think about all the things you touch during the course of your day. It’s not pretty.  And that is exactly the point made by these Sanzer print ads by Thailand ad agency Chuo Senko. Sanzer is an anti-bacterial hand gel. The copy reads (poorly): “What you really touch?” But you get the idea.



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The Wonderful World of VH1

Y&R New York has created these ads for VH1 showing the progression of superstars.

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