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Shame: now in an aresol

Playboy has released a line of super classy body sprays to compete with Axe. Now you too can smell like last night’s party and bad choices. Each bottle comes with a free one-year prescription of penicillin.

And don’t forget to douse yourself in enough product so that people on the street can actually taste your scent in the air. That’s a real turn-on!



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Some Things You Can’t Wash Off

Throw one more over-inflated male body wash into the tub.

In addition to Axe and Old Spice, DDB France has created the following spot to introduce Playboy Shower Gels – for Him. Totally the type of thing you’d find in the bathroom of a one-night-stand as an all-purpose shampoo, hand wash, body wash and on the occasional drunken evening, toothpaste. Smells like bad decisions and a momentary lapse of self-respect. Just a hunch.

All that aside, the commercial is somewhat amusing (and kind of predatory).

One final note, I am taking a collection to send this girl a cheeseburger. Donate what you can.


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