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Meanwhile, in Japan

Pepsi wants Japan to know; when you’re starving, to the point of hallucination, go get a hot dog – not a Pepsi – because “Life is Eating”.

You can’t make this shit up.



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Forever Challenge

So here are two new Japanese Pepsi ads that I came across on my interweb travels.

There’s this ninja warrior guy played by Shun Oguri, who has a super bad ass wardrobe (think Burning Man + Power Rangers + Mad Max), and (I think) he’s in training to fight some giant rock monsters, who happen to be on fire. So they’re kind of like lava guys.

Are you still with me?

Anyhow, if you can read any of the subtitles, a translation would be appreciated. If you can’t, it’s still a nice watch.


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Open Happiness… Packages

This campaign, by Chinese agency Civilization, almost made me emote. What do you think of this concept? And the “happiness packages”?

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Advertising Fumble

It was Super Bowl Sunday yesterday. I didn’t tune in. I loath football. In fact, I would rather sit through fifteen Nickleback concerts than watch fifteen minutes of football. To sour the pot, we Canadians don’t even get to see the much-hyped and highly anticipated Super Bowl Commercials thanks to the CRTC.

I have been surfing the web and  getting caught up on some of the more interesting spots. And I have noticed the majority of the commercial airtime, year over year, is taken up by the same advertisers. The big players and dominating names when it comes to Super Bowl ads are Doritos, Snickers, Volkswagen, Bridgstone, Bud/Bud Light, Coke and Pepsi.

It’s not surprising when thirty seconds of air time can cost up to three million dollars. And then add to that the hundreds of thousands (or millions) it can take to produce the epic spots! Sure these spots will reach 175 million viewers worldwide – and that can be a really good thing

or a really bad thing:

For 2011, my favorite has got to be the mini Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial I posted last week. The rest of the spots on the Super Bowl Ad Meter seem too formulaic my liking. Even the usually hilarious Careerbuilder.com spot fell a little flat.

Perhaps the CRTC isn’t trying to shove CANCON down our throats after all. Perhaps they are just protecting us from being exposed to this lack-luster, over-priced, toxin-slinging, visual pollution.


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