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Ontario GM Drives a Message with Animation

I hate typical car ads.


Aerial shot of (applicable vehicle) driving over random bridge in what looks to be a post-apocalyptic city (no people, no other cars). Driver wearing unnecessary helmet hidden behind tinted windows of most pimped-out version of  (applicable vehicle).


Random arbitrary price for the most stripped-down model. Post editor can pick the price.


It’s our (applicable season) blow-out sale! You’ve never seen prices like these!


Do not attempt. Professional driver (Not in the budget. Tell the PA to drive.) on closed course.

That’s why it makes me happy to see ads that break the mould a little. Like these three illustrated videos for Ontario GM, created by MacLaren McCann Toronto, with illustration by Tinman Creative, reminding you to take care of your vehicle.

Will they result in more sales for GM? Who knows, but at least I won’t feel like throwing a shoe at the TV when they come on. So that’s a start.

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