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Nothing Motivates Like Booze

Except maybe really inspirational ads… for booze.

For example, this new Johnnie Walker commercial featuring French techno artist and DJ Gesaffelstein, who not only stars in the spot but also lays down the soundtrack with his new release called ‘Pursuit’. I love the creative, the music, the copy… just seems to be more suitable for a Nike or Adidas. Sorry BBH.

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You Should Probably Make An Appearance: Merging Media Conference

I just signed up to attend the Merging Media 2013 Special Global Edition Conference – and you should too. This conference will be showcasing the best and brightest cross-media innovation from all over the world, happening Nov 6-7, 2013 on Granville Island.

So what is cross-media?

Cross media or transmedia is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

From a production standpoint, it involves creating content that engages audiences using various techniques to permeate their daily lives. In order to achieve this engagement, a transmedia production will develop stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together (overtly or subtly), but are in narrative synchronization with each other.


Exactly. This is why you need to attend Merging Media.

Join vibrant conversations on the latest transmedia trends, business intelligence and creative strategies that are shaping the industry worldwide. The Keynote is Kathy Franklin, the President and Franchise Development for Avatar, James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. And speakers include Lara Hoefs (The Twilight Saga Brand Manager) and Sara Moscowitz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Syfy, to name a few. Check the full listing here.

Whether you are a Marketing Executive suit or a social media maven, come learn, be inspired, and open the door to new opportunities.




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A Hot Cup of Horror

Herbaria is an organic food producer in Germany. And Jung von Matt/Neckar is the agency that created this anything-but-calming tea commercial for them. After watching this, I need something a little martinistronger than tea, perhaps a Xanaxtini.



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Lottery Win

The internet is boring today.

The best thing I could find was this ad for the Georgia State Lottery by BBDO. It’s funny – except for the woman who comments how everyone will know she’s single because of the kitty book that she gets as a gift.

That’s not funny. It’s a sad, sad truth.

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How to Get More Clicks

Next time your client complains about a lack of clicks on their intern-made ‘viral videos’, send them this gem from Toronto agency John St. then sit back, judge them silently and smile.

Here’s the simple formula for making a viral video:
1. Don’t call it a viral video.
2. Spend money on it / don’t cheap out.
3. Have a purpose.
4. Keep it short and sweet.


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Liberty Mutual Launches ‘Humans’

Maybe it’s the Human League soundtrack. Or the fact that the voice-over is done by Paul Giamatti. Or perhaps it’s just because when bad stuff happens to other people, it’s irrefutably hilarious.

Whatever the case, this new commercial for Liberty Mutual Insurance, entitled ‘Humans’ gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from this cranky-pants reviewer.

Great work by Hill Holliday, Liberty Mutual’s AOR out of Boston.

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Earthquakes Cause Salamis

You’re going to have to brush your teeth after watching this ad because it’s so damn sweet.

The New Zealand government has created a program called NZ Get Thru, to educate its’ citizens and prepare them for natural disasters. In the following commercial created by Clemenger BBDO and Robber’s Dog, we see a bunch of sickeningly adorable children sharing their opinions on what an earthquake is, and what you should do when one happens.

There is also an outtakes video with some additional parts of the interviews that didn’t make it into the commercial. The ad it pretty adorable, but it’s also on target. A lot of kids watching at home within the same age range of these little actors will sit up and take notice. And it’s probably a good reminder for the parents, too.

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Clients From Hell

There are occasions where even the strongest are tested. Where our patience is pushed to the edge. Where we contemplate changing careers or banging our heads against the desk until we do enough damage to classify for long-term disability.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Enter Clients From Hell. I can’t tell you how many times this site has brought me back to reality. It’s made me realize that I am not the only one on the front lines of client management challenges. Now CFH have produced a short video to share their message. This completes me.


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Adopt Something

All packed and ready!

It’s ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat Month’, brough to you by the folks at the ASPCA. In order to promote this, they decided to make a totally zany kitty video with a dubstep soundtrack. At the end, a super pops up telling you that there are “Millions of Viral Videos Waiting to be Adopted”.

Yep. As I suspected. Viral videos are like hipsters. The moment you declare yourself to be one is the moment you get kicked out of the club. Even still, I was mildly entertained and it IS a good cause.

Over in San Fransisco, BBDO is doing right by the SPCA with this great little public service announcement against puppy mills.


Informative, fun to watch and it doesn’t violate your ears…as much.

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