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No Smiling!

I went to get my passport pictures taken yesterday. My passport expires in five days, so I finally figured I should take care of renewing it. I decided to go to London Drugs in Park Royal during my lunch break. I called them up first to make sure my trip wouldn’t be in vain.

“Yes. We take passport photos” said the man on the other end of the telephone. “Don’t wear white.”


“Don’t wear white.” he repeats.

Luckily for you, mister, I’m in advertising and black is the uniform. I hopped in my car and headed over. There was no one else in line so we got started right away. Now there’s nothing like a passport photo, taken by someone at least a foot and a half shorter than you, under flourescent lighting, next to the electronics department to make you feel awful about yourself.

And this was no exception. After five attempts – each one flanked by the small photographer handing me anti-oil wipes and pointing out how “shiny” I was – the little man sent me to the cosmetics department to find some anti-shine powder. I ended up having to take a break to get my make-up done.

Back to the photography department. Attempt six was a bust. I recommend to the man that I pull up a chair seeing as how the lighting and my height were just not working out for him. Seven was almost there. And finally on the eighth try, we nailed it. What an ordeal. And when I finally got to look at winning number eight, it really doesn’t look like it was worth the effort.

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