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Shame: now in an aresol

Playboy has released a line of super classy body sprays to compete with Axe. Now you too can smell like last night’s party and bad choices. Each bottle comes with a free one-year prescription of penicillin.

And don’t forget to douse yourself in enough product so that people on the street can actually taste your scent in the air. That’s a real turn-on!



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My Head Hurts & I Can’t Find My Pants

Last night’s post was about beer goggles. Today we are turning our attention to the morning after. Have you ever woken up and scrolled through your text messages from the night before, all the while cringing of embarrassment? Have you continuously hit refresh on your Facebook homepage waiting for the photos of last night’s party to be uploaded so you can retrace your steps? Have you lost articles of clothing? Or perhaps an entire outfit? None of this would have happened had you stuck with non-alcoholic beer. At least that’s the message Y&R Puerto Rico and Buckler Beer are sending out. And to add credibility to the brand, this beer was the choice of beverage by US Vice President Joe Biden for the “White House Rose Garden beer-drinking session”. Take a peek at these eye-catching, funny and relatable print ads. Nice work guys!

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