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Honey Badger DOES Give a Shit… About Social Media

tweeting badgerThe Jo’burg Zoo needed someone to run their social media, and they decided to promote from within.

That’s how BG, the resident honey badger, became the new Social Media Manager. Yep, all you Social Media Managers out there… a honey badger is now doing your job. And he’s really good. BG already has over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

He even posts selfies as you can see on my left, here. A brilliant campaign by Johannesburg’s Hello Computer.


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Another Sweet Cadbury’s Ad

This one from Ogilvy, Johannesburg explains the process of how they make Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly.

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Boys Will Be Boys

School’s back in session, and soon little boys will be climbing to the top of the jungle-gym and jumping off swing sets to prove their manliness to their peers.

Boys will be boys, no matter the age.

1st For Women, an insurance company that caters exclusively to the needs of South African women, has launched a new ad campaign based on the this idea.  The campaign is called Risky Men and it illustrates just some of the reasons why the company only insures women.

A great job by Black River FC, Johannesburg.

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Can You Spot The Difference?

Today I’m working on locating stock images of teenagers with bad skin for a new campaign. Some of the close-up images are disturbing to say the least.

I plan on doing a split test of aspirational images (people with fantastic skin) versus real-people images (not so great skin/far less airbrushed) to see which draw a greater click-through rate. Being a fairly new product, its important to show relatable or aspirational figures in the advertising.

On the other end of the spectrum, a product that is well-established in the marketplace may be able to pull off more alternative advertisements like this Oxy ad done by Ogilvy, Johannesburg. It has no people in it – just a neat trick.

Focus on the bottle for twenty seconds.


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