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Field Trip To Enlightenment: Muddy Suit Pants & Fingernail Clippings

So I’ve just completed my second step in the Government funded training program. (See previous blog post: My Field Trip To Enlightenment: Canadian Economic Action Plan)  I went to yet another orientation session, this one at the Future Works office, to find out not what I could do for my Government, but what my Government can do for me.

I was twenty minutes early. It was me and another lady in a little conference room. I filled out my paperwork and a third lady came in to take a seat. It was dead quiet, save the sound of my pen scratching across my clipboard. Lady number three decided to take out her nail clippers and start grooming herself. I raised one eyebrow and gave her side-daggers.

The session started at 10:00 am. We had ten minutes and I started wondering if we would be the only three of us girls in attendance – all sitting in opposite corners of the room.

I recently read a release from the Labour Force Survey, part of STATS Canada, that the only demographic group with a notable employment change in December was women aged 25 to 54, down 24,000.

Furthermore, in the past nine months, employment stabilized for core-aged men, whereas employment for youth continued to decline over the summer months and has since changed little. In contrast, the number of workers aged 55 and over has increased by 4.7% over the last nine months of 2009.

Enough STATS. Let’s get back to me. Some men start joining our group at about two minutes to ten. A small man in an older suit took a seat next to me. Bad shoes. I noticed that he had a big mud stain on the bottom of his pant leg. I started making up scenarios in my head which led to such a large, muddy pant leg. I won’t get into those.

I continue staring down and pretending to read my paperwork in fear of catching someone’s eye and feeling obligated to make polite conversation. Everyone is much older than me, and those who don’t come off as being awkward, have an air of annoyance about them. Like there are better things they could be doing. I checked the time. Regis and Kelly just ended and The View would be coming on soon.

A guy in a well-worn, tan leather jacket sits behind me. He smells like he took a bath in Aqua Velva this morning. The room is almost full now. Nine men and four women.

We get down to business with a well-made, visually pleasing power point presentation. No capitalization errors, nice colour scheme and well-laid out. I learned that this program is not what I thought it was. Basically, Future Works is a recruitment company that facilitates Government grants to potential employers. They specialize in science and technology companies with a minor in marketing and sales.

I learned that the Government will fund around 50-60% of an employees paycheck up to a maximum of around $6,500, when that employee is hired and requires some ON THE JOB training. This has nothing to do with going to school. That was news to me, but all the same, I suppose it’s still a good thing. They call it the Targeted Wage Subsidy Program.

So for example, my background has been in traditional advertising and marketing. I want to go into online project management. The Government sees that as me furthering my knowledge base and making my skills more relevant for an every-changing and evolving industry. Therefore, they will pay fifty percent of my paycheck to my new employer so that I can spend time learning my new role. Terminology, work-flow, etc. They help to market me to their database of 850 employers – most of which are small to mid-size companies. Once I get and accept an offer, Future Works will walk the employer through the one-page document to get the funding approved through the Government. An interesting concept, but is it beneficial?

I personally feel a much more comfortable in a well-established, reputable company. I like longevity. And I don’t get the feeling that those types of companies could be swayed by a $4,500 incentive. At least I know what this is all about now – and knowing is half the battle. Stay tuned for word on how this progresses.

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While I Don’t Know Craig Personally, I Saw This Job Post On His List…

That line still cracks me up. I found it at www.NotHired.com. They post the best of the worst when it comes to resumes, applications and job postings. Many – if not all – are found on Craigslist.

Craigslist is good for a lot of things. There is the “FREE” section where people give away their semi-used items at no charge, the “RANTS” section where angry Vancouverites and share their innermost thoughts with anonymity and job postings, which believe it or not, is filled with some really good content. But like anything on Craigslist, one should always keep an eye out for a few red flags.

Personally, I would never apply to a position if the company name is not listed in the posting. It just seems underhanded on the part of the hiring company. There are certain places that I would rather not work at, so just save us both some time and tell us who you are. (It also helps avoid those awkward situations whe

It COULD Happen

re you apply to the company that you already work for – and they didn’t know that you were leaving.)

Also – and this one is especially for my designer pals – watch out for hourly wage. I noticed some posts that were looking for a graphic designer slash receptionist – someone to do absolutely, from making coffee to designing and launching websites – for $12.00 an hour. Wahh wahh.

Then of course there are the postings which ask you for more personal information than is normally required for a job application. Never give out your social insurance number, credit information or anything like that. But you guys know that already.

The search function within Craigslist is actually quite helpful. If you click on “JOBS”, and not the individual categories, you can then search by a specific term to help you quickly find the positions that interest you. For example, I did a search for “advertising agency” and “tourism”. Use the quotation marks to make sure the search find only those terms.

Craigslist, like many other sites, can connect you to some great jobs. Maybe even your future career. But like everything else, you need to approach with a little caution.

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Look! I’m doing the work FOR you!

As I cruise the information super-highway for my ideal match (see: job), I keep coming across a ton of great design and management jobs within our industry. Who says there is a slow-down in hiring? Ok, besides Ipsos Reid and Stats Canada…

Anyway, the point is, I know a lot of amazingly talented designers, web geeks and writers. You are my people. And as such, I feel compelled to share with you some of the postings that may be of interest. I know there are many of you who are not currently working and need a job. I also know there are many of you who ARE currently working – but would much rather be working somewhere else. Just saying. So for you, my friends, here are a few postings that I came across on my journey that you may want to investigate.

Update or dust off those resumes and throw your hat in the ring for something that would make you happy! Maybe your soul mate (see: job) is out there, just waiting for YOU to make first contact.

For those of you who enjoy chemicals (don’t we all?), ASL Chem International is looking to hire a “Marketing/Advertising/Design” person. In other words, do everything – and be able to throw together an ad  http://bit.ly/2Wdqj4

For all my single webbies (get it? Beyonce reference?), Wasserman + Partners is hiring a Senior Web Application Developer. I found this bad boy on LinkedIn. http://bit.ly/whGMz So if you don’t currently have a profile on that site, I suggest you make one. But just don’t do what I do and accidentally send invites to absolutely everyone you ever emailed out of your Gmail account. I got about ten bounce-backs from random craigslist addresses that I emailed while trying to rent an apartment.

And for those of you who like to quote random numbers repeatedly, Aquent has posted a job for a Web Analytics Manager. This one, too, is on LinkedIn. http://bit.ly/3VpXpY

Lastly, as I need to now focus on my own job search and let you all fend for yourselves… as posted yesterday, Burnkit and Academy are both hiring a few positions. I found them on www.Krop.com which I had never heard about, but it seems promising provided other agencies/companies start posting there. (HR people take note). So just go to Krop.com and do a search for Vancouver. These postings will come up.

That’s all for now. I hope there is something here that might interest someone. Good luck, my friends.

The new HR

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Tomorrow’s a New Day… and a New Symptom

Hello my long lost friends. My apologies on my absence. This illness is really doing a number on me. It seems to be changing on a daily basis, which I guess at least breaks up the monotony. It went from a five-day fever, to a sore throat, to a cough and now runny-nose/cough. It’s all sorts of interesting that I am sure you don’t want to hear about. So enough of that nonsense.


Tomorrow, Monday, I am packing up my Kleenex and cough syrup and heading to meet with a recruiter. I came across it as I was surfing for jobs with one hand and blowing my nose with the other (Don’t worry. I have Lysol wipes for my computer). The company is called INTEQNA and to be honest with you, I’m glad I’m blogging this and not saying it, because I don’t have the first clue on how to pronounce that name.

They have only a few jobs in Vancouver on their site, but they look interesting. The titles are:

  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Alfresco Developer
  • Senior JAVA Developer Architect
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Accounting & Finance Jobs
  • QA Analysts

Here is their website if you are interested in finding out more: www.inteqna.com

I’m going in as a general applicant to see what they have and will let you all know how that goes. Perhaps I can find some freelance with them to add to my current projects. Or maybe it would lead to something full time. Working freelance does have a tendency to make me feel like Jack Torrance from The Shining. It would be nice to get out once and a while.

On another note, my dear friends back at Blitz Creative, part of Cossette (my ex-lover) are looking for an email expert. Check out the details here: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/mar/1435084459.html

Feel free to contact me if you are interested and I can tell you more about the company and the team. Or just apply. I really don’t care what you do.

Other than that, things are kind of slow right now. But that’s OK. I need some time to heal from this plague with a personality disorder. Am I a flu? Am I bronchitis? Sinus infection? Keep guessing! I’ll take “What did I just cough up” for $500, please Alex. I really hope that’s not the case at my recruiter appointment tomorrow. Cross your fingers kids.

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Job Search Sites

Looking for jobs online can be very time consuming. Going to so many different sites, creating accounts, remembering passwords for them all and trying to keep track of what you applied for and where. Here are a couple of sites which actually pull jobs from across the various job-search sites. They are, from what I can see, nearly all-inclusive.


Give these a spin and let me know what you think. I have only used “Indeed.com” myself so far, and when you click on the job post, you will still need to go through the hoops of having to set up accounts, passwords, etc. But at least you can do one single search.


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