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Meanwhile, in Japan

Pepsi wants Japan to know; when you’re starving, to the point of hallucination, go get a hot dog – not a Pepsi – because “Life is Eating”.

You can’t make this shit up.



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Bear With Me

I was feeling uninspired today – but that changed when I was introduced to Expedia’s Japanese campaign!

It’s not a new campaign. In fact, back in October 2010, MSNBC wrote about how the campaign was on the verge of, but had not gone viral, based on the number of clicks the videos┬áreceived. Sadly, not much has changed since then. But who cares? It’s a dancing bear with a hula hoop. And this pleases me.

(That’s what I look like when I try to hula-hoop.)

There are 44 videos on the YouTube page dedicated to this furry traveller. I don’t know which ad agency came up with this idea, or if Expedia Japan came up with this internally. So let’s just watch another one.

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Overseas Advertising

Gotta love it.

Japanese ad: for a trip-planning site.

Korean ad: for LooLoo4, a very special-looking toilet.

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