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Nay Day

Just what we need. More fake farmers. Introducing Hay Day, yet another game for your friends to play on the toilet and send you hundreds of stupid requests on Facebook.

The saving grace? These ads are kind of cute in a zip-a-dee-doo-dah kind of way, created by Barton F. Graf 9000, USA.


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2014-03-04 23.35.10I came across this app the other day. I’ve downloaded it. Played around with it. And have yet to be impressed with it. I see potential – but I keep wonder ‘what’s the angle?’ I couldn’t find any corporate messaging or anything behind it…

But here, you try. This app is called HaiQ. It takes Instagram photos from your area and mixes it with (some interestingly translated) haiku. This was designed by Alquimiawrg (not a spelling mistake) which is member of the White Red Green group. I don’t know what that means, but it seemed important.

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Everyone and their dog is posting this ad – but that’s because it’s really good.

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My Kind of Creative Briefs

If there was ever a campaign that I would punch a kitten in the face to work on, it would be Rethink Breast Cancer’s ‘Your Man Reminder’.

The ‘Your Man Reminder’ app has been around for a while. Really hot men remind ladies via their iPhone or Android to give their breasts some TLC (Touch. Look. Check.)

The following ad was created by John St., Toronto and announces the new version of the app.

For iPhone and Android devices. Download for free today!
iPhone: http://bit.ly/T9eVkR
Android: http://bit.ly/Qw9C1J

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Holy Road Hazard!

Potholes. One of spring’s many gifts to Canadians. And in the east, specifically Quebec, they can be extremely hazardous.

So how do you remind the public to keep vigilant when driving? Create an iPhone app of course! The modern-day answer to any age-old question. You can check out the program and download the app at PotHoleSeason.ca where so far, almost 6,000 pot holes have been reported (including some in France, Argentina, and Mexico City). I’m not sure how long and how this will stay relevant as city crews go around and fix the potholes, but I guess it works for now.

In order to draw attention to this new app/website, Taxi decided to illustrate the real dangers of these not-so-shallow menaces.



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Spirit Schmearit

Every year companies large and small jump on the Christmas-themed advertising bandwagon. It’s enough to make me want to pound a bottle of peppermint schnapps and get right Blitzenned. I’ve decided that I will no longer suffer alone. You all are coming along for the ride. Over the next week, we’ll be reviewing Christmas or holiday-themed commercials and print ads. And in the spirit of the season, I’ll be ripping them a new one.

First on the docket is Apple iPhone’s craptastic commercial where a father and mother team up and use the latest technology to continue to fool their child into believing Santa is real. (Stupid kid.) It’s commercials like this – where I see a six-year-old with an iPhone – that really tip my manger. I only have a Blackberry with no camera and it’s missing a key! Kids these days.

Apparently Snoop Dogg is still relevant. Pepsi Max brought him on to do a Christmas story. The only funny part is when the white delivery driver throws down a “No he di’nt”. This commercial continues to reinforce the fact that Snoop is a triple threat: typecast-commercial actor, former singer and one-time-pretend-gangster.

Now for something you might actually enjoy. This ad for Pot Noodle is awesome and restores my faith in my advertising peers. I especially like the graffiti on the side of the truck. Nice touch.

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Tilt Me

My day went a little sideways yesterday. Which is fitting in consideration of this morning’s first post. This ad is out of France, done by an agency called (see comment) Canal+. It is most certainly clever and eye-catching – but it still won’t convince me to drop cash on the iPhone. Especially in light of the recent antenna and OS4 “upgrade” fiascos.

But nonetheless, enjoy:


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