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Boys Will Be Boys

School’s back in session, and soon little boys will be climbing to the top of the jungle-gym and jumping off swing sets to prove their manliness to their peers.

Boys will be boys, no matter the age.

1st For Women, an insurance company that caters exclusively to the needs of South African women, has launched a new ad campaign based on the this idea.  The campaign is called Risky Men and it illustrates just some of the reasons why the company only insures women.

A great job by Black River FC, Johannesburg.


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Insurance is a Funny Business

Home, travel, medical, car insurance. Over the years, you may have noticed insurance companies have increased their advertising presence. Nowadays, especially in the States, insurance is big business. There are so many players in the marketplace and each one is vying for your attention – not to mention your dollar. They seem to have collectively decided that humorous ads and off-the-wall spokes-characters are the way to go. Geckos, mice, animated ladies in tight-fitting jumpsuits, cavemen and meerkats are just a few examples.

Some of these commercials are entertaining, memorable and on occasion, useful in making a decision on an insurance provider. Here are a few spots from Geico’s Rhetorical Question campaign, created by The Martin Agency in Richmond, that I enjoy:

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