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Bullshit Detector

When someone uses a buzzword, a small piece of what remains of my soul is destroyed.

I’ve encountered some very heavy buzzword users in my day (hence my tiny soul), and I’ve seen their audience, sitting across the boardroom table rolling their eyes with every ‘synergy’ or ‘learnings’ that falls out of their mouth.

Adobe Marketing Cloud (which in itself is a buzzword), working with Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created the BS Detector, a machine that punishes people with an electric shock every time they use a buzzword. I can’t deny I thought of a few people I would like to see wearing this.

Look boys, I’m gonna need you to be more synergistic and focus on some solid metrics like the ROI of our 4H long tail social media and crowdsourcing strategies.



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Somebody’s Watching Me

Google, with their recent privacy policy change had people speculating that the giant was becoming more evil.

In order to provide more personalized (highly tailored) online experiences, Google tracks what maps you look at, what videos you watch on YouTube, the emails you send and receive in Gmail and the searches you perform. They cross-reference that information and use it to serve up ads that they feel are best suited to you and your interests.

Sure, all this data this is good for the advertisers, but I have a problem with the whole concept of personalized online experiences in the same way I take issue with retargeted advertising. But that’s another post.

The following print ads by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners out of San Francisco made me take notice. They look like they were hand-drawn, which portrays Google less as a giant who tracks your every move, and more like your buddy. The tagline casually points out that “Maybe the best ads are just answers”. It asks you to change the way you perceive Google ads. They’re not ads anymore. They’re answers. Helpful answers from your buddy, Google.

I think an alternate line could have been “We know you better than you know yourself”.

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Hail Chee-sar

This is the third attempt at writing a blog post today. The first was wiped out by my daily Blue Screen of Death. The second attempt was deleted when I updated my Real Player so I could watch live streaming video from Egypt.

And now, on my third attempt, I’m a little cranky. It could be the fact that I gave up carbs again.  Which may also explain my choice of content today (and that terrible headline).

Remember old Chester Cheetah, the harbinger of those bright orange, simulated cheese flavor, chemical puffs known as Cheetos? He was recently reborn as a computer generated character, which is good, because his 80’s-looking, “It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy” animation style was pushing him into the ranks of Fido Dido (see: obsolete).

I read that Frito-Lay (the maker of Cheetos) has been going after an older demographic – and that would explain the following creative. It’s humorous, like most of their ads, but it’s directed towards the working folk. The campaign is called “Take a Break” and was developed by Goodbye Silverstein & Partners (I went to their website to learn more about them, but couldn’t for the life of me find a “Contact Us” or “About Us” page). I give them two thumbs up for these TV spots – but still won’t buy the product. I’d rather eat a kitchen sponge spray-painted neon orange. It probably has less chemicals.

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