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Boys Will Be Boys

School’s back in session, and soon little boys will be climbing to the top of the jungle-gym and jumping off swing sets to prove their manliness to their peers.

Boys will be boys, no matter the age.

1st For Women, an insurance company that caters exclusively to the needs of South African women, has launched a new ad campaign based on the this idea.  The campaign is called Risky Men and it illustrates just some of the reasons why the company only insures women.

A great job by Black River FC, Johannesburg.


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Insurance – A Total Rip Off (until you need it)

I am selling my car. I don’t need it. I haven’t driven it since last June. It’s a lovely 2006 Jeep Liberty if anyone wants to put in a bid. One of the main reasons I took it off the road was because I was paying $200 a month in insurance. WTF? I only had one single, tiny minor fender-bender when I hit that parked car after brunch with the boys. But $200 a month was too much, especially when I was only driving it once a month to go see my parental units in Abbotsford.

Insurance is such a rip off… until you need it. Which brings us to our theme of the day.

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