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History of Typography

This is a great animated short by Ben Barrett-Forrest explaining the history of typography. It uses 291 paper letters, 2,454 photographs and took 140 hours to make.

It is your duty to forward this video to anyone you know using Comic Sans.

Piss off designer

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Meet Adrien

adrienThis is disturbingly bad-ass and it makes me want to see what happens next. Prepare yourselves, for this is what nightmares are made of.

Adrien is a dramatic web series combining unique visual black humor, action, mystery and intrigue. The development project is currently seeking funding. They’re asking for folks to share the site, teasers and encourage them by leaving a little comment (scroll down to the bottom of the site).

Check out the four teasers:

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Vancouver Marketing Event

I signed up for this today – and I’m super excited!

Innovate. Cross-pollinate. Co-Create.

The Premiere Canadian Cross-Media Showcase

Come celebrate the best + brightest 360 talent + innovation at The 3rd Annual Merging Media Conference, a power packed event that brings together cross-media thought leaders + first movers to a world-class stage to explore 360 trends, award-winning strategies + cutting edge technology!

This is the third annual Merging Media Conference happening in Vancouver. This Canadian cross-media showcase brings together media professionals from film, television, mobile, games and interactive media to enjoy a “Best in Class” showcase and discuss the rapidly evolving cross-media/transmedia industry, while exploring cutting edge platforms + technology.

Check out the agenda and list of VERY impressive speakers here. And if you’re going, let me know. I need someone to sit with.

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Friday Morning Movie: Frankie Rulez

Everybody wants to rule the world. At least according to Tears for Fears.

Today’s animated short introduces us to a little alien named Frankie. He’s on a mission to conquer the galaxy, one planet at a time. This 3D animation is pretty impressive. The story is funny, albeit a little crass in the end (no pun intended).

The film was written and directed by San Charoenchai and is already lining up the awards, including,

  • 2012 Red Stick International Animation Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 Seattle International Film Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 LES Film Festival Official Selection

Enjoy – and have a great Canada Day long weekend!

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The Light is Your Friend

Stop what you’re doing.

You need to see the new commercial for the 2012 Young Director Awards. Immediately. I’ve always been a fan of their ads, and each year they just keep getting better. This new spot casts an adorable, yet creepy little British boy who executes his part flawlessly.

You may remember last year’s ad, which also stars a young actor. A very wicked little girl. (Who I admired greatly.) This commercial has received over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

And to round out the bunch, there was also this less popular, but still amazing spot starring the same little wicked one.

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Friday Morning Movie: The Eagleman Stag

Watching this award-winning short film, I knew within the first few seconds that this was our post for the day. The stop-motion video is dark, sad, yet humourous. But the most amazing part is that it was created with all white scalpel-cut figures.

Directed by Michael Please, the short film tackles the subject of time, and how it speeds up as you age. This is eight minutes that you don’t want to miss. Hope your coffee is full.


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Friday Morning Movie: Out of a Forest

I chose today’s film (by Tobias Gundorff Boesen) because I liked the mix of stop motion with live action. It’s won a ton of awards and appeared at countless film festivals.

It was shot in the forests surrounding Viborg, Denmark. There’s no talking in the movie – in fact, it’s almost like a music video, set to the song “Slow Show” by The National. But it’s endearing. And dark. And kind of sad.

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Friday Morning Movie: FriendSheep

This might be one of the best Friday Morning Movies that we’ve ever had! And I have to admit, I was a little distraught that I had not seen it before yesterday, as it’s been out for almost a year.

The film, called FriendSheep, is made entirely by students of the Valencia-based school of animation, PrimerFrame. Released in March 2011, this animated short has won numerous awards. It’s visually stunning, the story line is fantastic and it’s funny as hell. I highly recommend you carve out seven minutes of your day to watch this.

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Friday Morning Movie: Holy Sheep

It’s Friday, and that means time for the weekly animated short film. This one is very short, coming in at only two minutes and eleven seconds. But it’s really funny and a good way to kick off a snowy slash freezing rain Friday.

This animated short is the senior thesis of Justin Farris, created at Ringling College of Art & Design.

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Friday Morning Movie: Stopover

This week went by at the speed of a thousand gazelles. I still can’t believe it’s already Friday.

Thankfully I have a fantastic short movie pre-selected and ready for your viewing pleasure. Today’s animated short is called Stopover and was created by Neil Stubbings. Neil is one of two founds of LeMob, a multi award-winning motion design studio with offices in L.A. and Zürich. They even went so far as to create a micro-site (with micro-content) for the movie.

The movie is three minutes long and funny as hell. Top up your coffee and enjoy.


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