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Stone Cold Gentleman

I’m back!

Guess who else is back! Our boy Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Coors Light just released this spot featuring the Bloodsport (love that movie) star. He’s looking a little worse for wear – even though he still packs some sweet karate moves.

But get rid of the belt and add a little more five-o-clock shadow and it could very well be the Trivago guy kicking the shit out of that icicle for all we know.

From agency VCCP London



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Wine Taking the Place of Coors Light?

Let’s welcome yet another contender to the ‘how bizarre can I make my advertising‘ category: SLO Down Wine.

Hocking their 2011 wine called Sexual Chocolate, these guys decided to illustrate how the wine is perfectly paired with group sex, hot boxing, and S&M. Because “You don’t have to be a douche bag to drink our wine.” says Bo Silliman from SLO Down Wines. (Nailed it.)

Be warned, there are some unpleasant mankini shots involved.


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