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Let them eat cake

Over the years I have seen some pretty creative outdoor advertising. Like the billboard made out of cheese, crying billboards, a billboard that smells like steak… very creative and off the wall ideas. But this one… I’m going to say it… takes the cake.

This billboard, created by Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art, is made from 13,360 Mr Kipling cakes. The whole thing took 6 hours to assemble. No word on how long it took for the public – and their filthy mitts – to disassemble it.


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Mistress, Mother, Brooklyn Brothers

Razor, Farm, Taxi, Cake, Steak, and Jam. Inferno, Strawberry Frog, Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

Not all ad agencies are three-letter acronyms. Check out Rob & Joe’s Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names.

taxonomy_of_advertising_agency_namesDesigned by Rob Donaldson Joe Dennett, published: Cargo Collective profile page.

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Friday Morning Movie: Love Recipe

Here’s a cute, short, animated film that has some creative transitions, a bizarre-looking dog and a lady whose neck is the same width as her head. Enjoy.

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