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It Was Nice Knowing You

Apparently the world is ending tomorrow – according to the Mayans. I’m skipping the gym and picking up a bag of Doritos. Yolo, bitches.JELLO

Speaking of items trying to pass themselves off as real food, JELL-O pudding got together with CP+B to create this new spot to promote the “funpocalypse“. Because if it actually happens, no one’s gonna be around to tell you ‘I told you so’. Happy apocalypse everyone!


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Bullshit Detector

When someone uses a buzzword, a small piece of what remains of my soul is destroyed.

I’ve encountered some very heavy buzzword users in my day (hence my tiny soul), and I’ve seen their audience, sitting across the boardroom table rolling their eyes with every ‘synergy’ or ‘learnings’ that falls out of their mouth.

Adobe Marketing Cloud (which in itself is a buzzword), working with Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created the BS Detector, a machine that punishes people with an electric shock every time they use a buzzword. I can’t deny I thought of a few people I would like to see wearing this.

Look boys, I’m gonna need you to be more synergistic and focus on some solid metrics like the ROI of our 4H long tail social media and crowdsourcing strategies.


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