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Let them eat cake

Over the years I have seen some pretty creative outdoor advertising. Like the billboard made out of cheese, crying billboards, a billboard that smells like steak… very creative and off the wall ideas. But this one… I’m going to say it… takes the cake.

This billboard, created by Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art, is made from 13,360 Mr Kipling cakes. The whole thing took 6 hours to assemble. No word on how long it took for the public – and their filthy mitts – to disassemble it.


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Attention Hipster Doofuses:

As seen in Minneapolis.

It reads: ATTENTION HIPSTER DOOFUSES: Sorry about that, but it’s not easy getting the attention of people who reject mainstream consumerism like billionaires reject tax overhaul. Here’s the thing: Do you ever wake up in your designer platform bed in your urban loft, shuffle over to your espresso machine and wonder: Is this all there is? Day after day of wearing ironic vintage tee shirts and searching the Internet for nu rave techno rap bands from Uzbekistan? Don’t you wish you could let your androgynously cut hair down, wear some not-quite-so-painfully-skinny jeans and kick back and watch the (legal in all 50 states version of) grass grow? Not to get all marketingy, but at Urban Eatery you can take a break from looking vaguely disinterested in everything while wearing your favorite organic fedora. We use fresh ingredients from local farms and offer free valet parking—and free is nice if you have one of those hipster liberal arts degrees. So why not take some time out of your busy schedule of wrestling with existential angst and drop by Urban Eatery. After a hard week of conforming to nonconformity, you’ve earned it.

Billboard by Hunt Adkins, Minneapolis.

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Breaking news (not really)! This really cracked me up (not at all). Out of home advertising eggactly on target with the brand (not to mention this opening copy); gimmicky and unappetizing.

Enough of that.

Leo Burnett Chicago thought up and installed a giant (very slowly) cracking egg billboard outside of a McDonald’s near Wrigley Field. Apparently a timer starts the “cracking process” at 6:00 am and closes the display by 10:30 am.

So that means the messaging is probably fully on display for a whopping three hours a day. The rest of the time, passers-by are staring at an egg on a stick. The idea is a good one… but the execution could have been tweaked to take full advantage of the concept.


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Become a Copywriter!

Because you have awesome ideas!

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