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Stone Cold Gentleman

I’m back!

Guess who else is back! Our boy Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Coors Light just released this spot featuring the Bloodsport (love that movie) star. He’s looking a little worse for wear – even though he still packs some sweet karate moves.

But get rid of the belt and add a little more five-o-clock shadow and it could very well be the Trivago guy kicking the shit out of that icicle for all we know.

From agency VCCP London



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Orange Fever

This Heineken ad, promoting the Netherlands ‘Oranjekoorts’ (Orange Fever) in the lead up the 2014 FIFA World Cup makes me wonder what the budgets must look like. Their ads just seem to be getting more and more over the top. Full, cinematic productions. And yes, I’m jealous.

By Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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I’m Not Bitter

Another fun set of creative from Clemenger, BBDO Melbourne. Today’s trio of TV ads may make you thirsty.

These three spots portray manly men, do manly things like sweating and cleaning gutters. Mowing lawns and pulling out splinters with pliers. And of course, drinking Victoria Bitter beer after a day of hard work.

The unique close-up angles are really cool and were created by attaching tiny cameras to the hammers, axes, and chain saws used within the spot. Let’s watch!

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Beer Chase

Remember this print campaign for Carlton Draught beer? Well the agency, Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne has released a new TV spot for that same client and it is a winner.

This commercial – called “Beer Chase” – is one of those epic-car-chase-type spots… but without the cars. The whole thing happens on foot. No drinking and driving here, folks. Just a funny ad with a sweet soundtrack.



I think this spot is:


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Rich, Old, White People’s Problems

Things are not always as they seem when you’re on the outside looking in. What is it that you think makes Hugh Hefner a happy man? Selmore, Amsterdam reveals the surprising answer.

Also from Selmore and for the same product, just the non-alcoholic version, this spot featuring Mickey Rourke may contain language not suitable for all viewers. Turning your speakers down is at the office is advised.

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Everything’s More Fun When Liquor’s Involved

Especially advertising.

And right now, there’s a party happening on YouTube that you should be at. This out-of-the-ordinary creative is for Desperados (owned by Heineken) and was produced by Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, France. It’s a very cool interactive YouTube page.

Click on the image below to see for yourself. It takes a little while to load, so be patient.


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