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The Art of Advertising

This is amazing. Truly advertising as an art… or art as advertising? Either way, this video showcases a day in the life of the brave men and women, known as Wall Dogs, who paint billboards on the side of buildings in New York.

Stolen from these guys.

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Brazil Nuts

The following is an actual campaign created by Y&R, Sao Paulo for Densia yogurt.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I would venture to say this creative is not exactly going to resonate with the middle-aged women suffering from poor digestion, a.k.a the main purchasers of yogurt. Clearly they’re going after this target as they’re promoting “young bones” through calcium and vitamin D.

However – again, going out on that limb – even as a shystery youth, I never did any of the things depicted in these ads. Sadly this campaign is just not doing it for me – which is a shame because I like the style of the illustrations. Anyone who can figure out how to draw a skeleton lighting its own fart on fire gets a thumbs up in my books.

danone-densia-fart danone-densia-bomb danone-densia-joke

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I Shot the Serif

It’s Friday Font Day! Share this with your clients.Serif vs Sans Serif

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Friday Morning Movie: The Colors of Evil

Today’s animated short film is most enjoyable, and comes in just under five minutes. It’s an super-cute (yeah, I said that) story about a little goth girl who summons a demon from hell to help do away with her blond, popular arch-nemesis. Unfortunately, the demon was not quite what the littlest goth was expecting.

This video is the thesis of Phillip Simon in collaboration with Alyse Miller, done at Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida.

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Friday Morning Movie: Sight

It’s the Friday before a long weekend, and that means we’re shutting down and heading for a sunny patio for a boozy lunch in less than an hour. Did I ever mention that I love my job?

While you’re cooped up indoors, why check out todays short film; Sight? It was made by two students – Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo – as their graduation project from Bezaleal Academy of Arts.  The concept is clever, giving us an ominous peek into what the future might be like.

Happy Long Weekend Pride!!


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Why You Should Hire Interns

AlmapBBDO in Brazil has launched a new spot for Getty using 873 stock photos to create a stop-motion spot that is pretty mind-blowing. Pay attention to how one photo seamlessly flows into the next.

Sure this creative speaks to the vast quantity and cross-section of stock photography in Getty’s bank, but I just keep wondering how long it took the interns to go through, and collect all of these photos.

Welcome to the agency!

Marsha was only at the agency for two weeks before she started keeping a bottle vodka in her top drawer.

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Coming in for a Branding

Oslo Airport and their agency Dinamo recently teamed up with Passion Pictures to spread the word that the airport is expanding. The project will be completed in 2017 and will host 28 million passengers every year. To spread the word, they created this fantastic stop motion animation spot, using a two meter long miniature of the airport.

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Friday Morning Movie: The Eagleman Stag

Watching this award-winning short film, I knew within the first few seconds that this was our post for the day. The stop-motion video is dark, sad, yet humourous. But the most amazing part is that it was created with all white scalpel-cut figures.

Directed by Michael Please, the short film tackles the subject of time, and how it speeds up as you age. This is eight minutes that you don’t want to miss. Hope your coffee is full.


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Friday Morning Movie: The Wolf I Used to Be

Happy Friday! I’m heading down to Seattle today for my #2DaysinSeattle excursion so this is a short post.

Today’s video is called The Wolf I Used to Be and was created by Nearly Normal Creative Production Studio. (Check out their site. They do some pretty neat stuff.) Pay attention to the detail in this video. The amount of work that must have gone into the film is almost hard to grasp. It’s all stop-motion and everything is built out of paper. It was a collaborative effort where many different artists would work on the project, some for longer than others. The result is magnificent.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Take That, Instagram!

So I was sitting at my desk yesterday when I heard from my friend Fred Fraser. He’s a brilliant photographer based in Vancouver who has been perfecting the craft of wet plate photography – also known as the collodion process. Here are samples of his work in this style.

The collodion process is an early photographic process that was introduced around 1850. Described as “a very inconvenient form” of photography, it starts out with the photographer cutting glass into plates to be used inside the camera. Then bromide, iodide, or chloride is dissolved in “collodion” (a solution of pyroxylin in alcohol and ether).  This mixture is poured on the VERY clean glass plate, and allowed to sit until the coating bonds. Any fluffs, dust or streaks on the glass, and the picture is ruined.

The plate is then placed in a silver nitrate solution, which creates another reaction (this is all very scientific and requires time, a respirator and a dark room). Once the reaction is complete, the plate is removed from the silver nitrate solution and placed into the camera while still wet. The photographer has to move fast and get the photo, because the plate loses sensitivity as it dries. It must also be developed while still wet. And that process requires even more chemicals.

Needless to say, this is a long, difficult process. But the results are fantastic.

Fred had booked someone for a portrait last night, but plans changed and they couldn’t make it. So he asked if I wanted to come by and have it done. How could I say no?

Understand that this is no digital photography. You get one chance. So the photo gets planned out in advance. How you be sitting. What props you will have in the photo. How long you can sit still. Because depending on how far you are sitting from the camera and what kind of lighting there is, you will have to hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds to get the right exposure. And if you move during that time? The picture ends up blurry. (Blinking is allowed.)

We did two shots. It took about two hours, but that included wardrobe, make-up, cookies, gabbing, all that good stuff. Here is the result:

This whole process made me realize that photography has become so disposable. People don’t put the effort into it like they used to. I mean, how many baby books are now just Facebook albums?

This process was fantastic. And these pictures are keepers – if I do say so myself. The finished product, printed on glass, is a real keepsake. Fred has this method of sandwiching the glass so it protects the other piece of glass with the image on it. This is perfect for family or individual portraits and it really is a true artform. Thanks Fred! And thanks Liz for the cookies and my amazing feathered turban.

If you want to book Fred for a session, contact him through his website.


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