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Pitch Videos

The following video contains clips from a pitch video by Director Tony Benna, who works at Mekanism, for work that was sadly never awarded.


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Footlong FlimFlam

Has there EVER been a good Subway commercial? I really don’t think so. These guy miss the target more often than a blind archer with no arms facing the wrong direction.

This ad was created by McCann London and I really like the look of this spot. But there’s something about all Subway commercials that just scream “CLIENT INTERFERENCE” to me. You know that each one is death by a thousand cuts and the ad you’re watching on TV is nothing like the vision had by the Art Director.

FUN FACT: a blind archer set a world record at the Olympics.

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That Typeface Says “I Have No Future!”

Check out the 2012 Dallas ADDY Awards promotional spots which illustrate the idea that many of us who work in advertising, might be a little obsessed with it (I have no clue what they are talking about). Below are a few of my favorites in the bunch.

See the rest of the ads in the series here. And more info on the ADDYS here.


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