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Flight of the Stories

Here’s a highly creative, beautiful spot for the London War Museum, by agency Johnny Fearless in the UK. (Great name.)

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Sex on Credit?

This funny animated spot is by agency Herezie, Paris for Confidis, a financial services company that’s trying to get you to change your perceptions about credit – just as we should change our perceptions on how men only think about sex.

It’s a tough one to connect – and I’m not sure the brand will be memorable, but this is amusing as hell. Enjoy!

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Ontario GM Drives a Message with Animation

I hate typical car ads.


Aerial shot of (applicable vehicle) driving over random bridge in what looks to be a post-apocalyptic city (no people, no other cars). Driver wearing unnecessary helmet hidden behind tinted windows of most pimped-out version of  (applicable vehicle).


Random arbitrary price for the most stripped-down model. Post editor can pick the price.


It’s our (applicable season) blow-out sale! You’ve never seen prices like these!


Do not attempt. Professional driver (Not in the budget. Tell the PA to drive.) on closed course.

That’s why it makes me happy to see ads that break the mould a little. Like these three illustrated videos for Ontario GM, created by MacLaren McCann Toronto, with illustration by Tinman Creative, reminding you to take care of your vehicle.

Will they result in more sales for GM? Who knows, but at least I won’t feel like throwing a shoe at the TV when they come on. So that’s a start.

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Dark Noir

Happy Friday. Check out this 3 min animated short commercial for Absolut Vodka by Sid Lee, Amsterdam.

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Safety First!

I’m totally in love with Virgin Atlantic’s new safety video. It’s perfect for those of us who might suffer from short attention spans.

Art & Graft created this video using illustration, and 2D and 3D animation.

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Dare, Schmare

Here’s an interesting ad from Nokia. Spreading the message of ‘dare to be different’. Does the ad make me want to learn more about their products? No. Would have I known this was a Nokia spot if I hadn’t read the YouTube title? Probably not. But I was entertained for one minute and fifty seconds. So there’s that.

By Denkwerk, Germany.

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Winter Tale

I’m just going to give in to the fact that the holiday hoedown has begun. Christmas music is playing in the shops, and some of my friends have already started posting photos of their fully decorated homes. (You know who you are.) And all the holiday commercials are being released now – which means there’s a good chance we’ll be sick of them come December 5th – like this one from Cartier, featuring a baby panther leopard (duh) who decides to take a snowy walk through Paris in the 1920’s.


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It’s Not Easy Being Green

chipotle scarecrowChipotle has committed to serving very best sustainably raised food possible. They support family farmers who respect the land and the animals in their care. The company uses meat from animals raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones (whenever possible). They source organic and local produce when practical. And use dairy from cows raised without the use of synthetic hormones.

To illustrate the impact that mass-produced foods and farming has on the environment and our health, the fast-food chain has launched a new video game. Players will complete tasks and earn credits towards coupons at Chipotle restaurants.

To promote this game, they created another beautifully animated spot called “The Scarecrow”. The soundtrack is Fiona Apple covering the song “Pure Imagination” originally from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Just gorgeous.

Click here to download the free game by CCA Marketing and Moonbot Studios.


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Destination Animation

It’s my last post before I take three days off for a little birthday stay-cation.

I found a series of three videos – teasers for a video game called Dishonored by agency ROKKAN. The animation and 3D modelling is fantastic, moody, and draws you into the story, even if you’re not a gamer. In fact, so many people worked on putting this together, I can’t even list them all. If you ARE a gamer, I quote one of the YouTube commenters “for the people who live under a rock and havent played Dishonored THIS IS THE BIGGEST SPOILER EVER.

Apparently I live under a rock… but at least I know how to use an apostrophe.

There are three videos in the series, each just as compelling and well-done as the next. Enjoy and see you Monday!

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