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Backseat Driver

I’m a closeted fan of slapstick comedy and that’s why I’m posting this ad by DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam:

The spot itself is pretty funny and visually entertaining. But I kept thinking to myself throughout the entire thing,

‘What is this asshat doing riding in the back seat?’

That was a tad distracting.

And the fact that this ad is supposed to be selling me car insurance… that was an awfully long set-up. Are we there yet?


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Say Something Wonderful Today

Back after a long weekend, I want to share some creative that I came across on AdWeek.

Normally I try to avoid sharing anything from AdWeek or AgencySpy or any of those big blogs, because I’m pretty sure you read those too and get just as annoyed as I do when everyone posts the same story.

But I saw this campaign last week and it stayed with me over the long weekend. I just kept thinking of it. Maybe dela-why-wait-until-its-too-late-martine-600-57709because I sat at my computer trying not to cry my face off when I watched it. Or maybe because it’s a really great message, shared in a creative way by Ogilvy Amsterdam for funeral insurance company Dela.

Whatever the reason, watch these and try not to drown in a puddle of your tears.

And here’s a video case study of the campaign if you’re not all cried-out.

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Create or Destroy?

This ad for TEDx Amsterdam created by an agency called WE ARE Pi addresses one of humankind’s greatest questions: create or destroy?
Artist Guido Verhoef used 15,000 balloons to illustrate the idea that creation cannot exist without destruction, and out of destruction comes creation.

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You Say Delicious, I Say Addiction

Check out this six-minute long propaganda film by Coca-Cola.

The eye-catching, somewhat hypnotic style of illustration draws you in, while they feed you lines like “Welcome inside the Happiness Factory, where we make happiness around the clock, one bottle at a time.”

I suggest replacing the word “happiness” with the word “diabetes”. It just seems to flow better.

The Great Happyfication (seriously) campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

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