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300 Pounds of Pure Swagger

Stuck in the office? Since you can’t go to the beach, I thought I would bring the beach to you.

Southern Comfort just launched the “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign and the first ad is called ‘Beach’. It’s another amazing spot by Wieden + Kennedy, New York. These guys can do no wrong in my books.

When I watch this spot, I compulsively nod my head in agreement to everything that’s going on. The music, the actor, the bathing suit… this guy has some serious swag.


** UPDATE: So many people find this blog post looking for two things;

  1. Where was this filmed?
  2. And who is the actor?

The answers, straight from Wieden + Kennedy, NYC:

  1. This commercial was filmed in Castelldefels, about 20Km south of Barcelona.
  2. The actor is computer generated, like the Hulk. But graceful, and with a way better moustache. Just playing with you. The real answer, “we prefer not to disclose his name,” sounded a bit boring. << Wahh wahh.  Thanks to Steve who left a comment and finally solved the mystery! The actor is named Mel Shampain!
  3. See new campaign featuring Mel as a weatherman.


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Why You Should Hire Interns

AlmapBBDO in Brazil has launched a new spot for Getty using 873 stock photos to create a stop-motion spot that is pretty mind-blowing. Pay attention to how one photo seamlessly flows into the next.

Sure this creative speaks to the vast quantity and cross-section of stock photography in Getty’s bank, but I just keep wondering how long it took the interns to go through, and collect all of these photos.

Welcome to the agency!

Marsha was only at the agency for two weeks before she started keeping a bottle vodka in her top drawer.

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The Way Things Should Be

Hey boss, I hope you’re watching this.

Bitsy was always first to submit her time sheets.

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Charlie Brown Ad Agency Xmas

I posted this last year. But it’s so good, it needs to be posted annually. Merry Christmas, fellow advertising whores.

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You Better Work: Light


Here are a couple of job posts that I thought you might be too lazy to find on your own:

  • Want to be the Social Media Coordinator for Grouse Mountain? (Link)
  • How about an Interactive Art Director at Wasserman? (Link) That’s right across the street from my house. You could come over for lunch!


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Meaty Masterpieces

A while back I twittered a link to these images. But I love them so much, I need to immortalize them on my blog. The following images are meat landscapes! Actual landscapes made of meat. The artist, Carl Warner, is from London and has been approached by many an ad agency for his spectacular work.

He started out as an illustrator and then moved into photography. Shooting people and landscapes for advertising started him down the path of creating his own landscapes. His controlled environment. He merged all of his creative powers and is now top of his game.

Take a look through his website and I’m sure you’ll be just as amazed at this man’s talent as I was.

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