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Everyone and their dog is posting this ad – but that’s because it’s really good.

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I’ve Lost My Appetite

Creepiest bug repellant advert ever made courtesy of TBWA, Istanbul.


“Don’t be their feast. Mosquito killer spray.”

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Feels Good Inside

Chances are that you may have seen this already, but I don’t really care. Because I love it. And this is my blog. Not yours. I need to post it, so it becomes part of my archives.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand, this spot (called ‘Feels Good Inside’…) stars a ridiculously fluffy cat who falls in love with his owner’s new Toyota Corolla. And this cat will do absolutely anything to take a ride in the new car. Anything.


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Respect the Road

Traffic sucks. And everyone, except for me, is an idiot driver.

At least that’s how I used to feel when I would commute into the city each day. I would spend two to three hours in my car every day of the week – and what little left I had of a soul, was quickly destroyed.

But that’s all in the past. I made the decision some years ago to only take a job where my commute would be by bus, foot or bicycle – and under 30 minutes each way. No more road rage for me… unlike these kids.

The following ad shows just how childish road rage really is.

This is a great example of a social media campaign gone wrong.

The commercial drives people to Facebook.com/irespecttheroad – but once you get there, you’re told to go to Axa Insurance’s Facebook page instead.

After poking around ‘I respect the road’ and finding the page totally neglected and looking like it was set up by one of the five-year olds in the commercial, I went to find Axa Insurance’s page. Once I got there, I found no mention of ‘I respect the road’, what it stands for, and why people should care. Bizarre.

It’s a shame because this video is getting quite a lot of traction lately. This had the potential to be a good campaign, but driving viewers from a video, to a Facebook page, to another Facebook page, then to a website – and not providing any continuity, instruction or ask… well they totally crashed and burned.

No pun intended.

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Bottle Fingers

Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina – the same shop who did those great “Dads in Briefs” ads – has just released a new commercial for Andes Beer.

The spot starts off with impressive cinematography and a storyline that draws you in.

But it falls a little flat at the end. I would have preferred some dramatic Forrest Gump-type finale where Beer-Hands Guy would shake off the bottles in super slow motion while running towards a wide neck bottle. Instead it’s a little abrupt. But hey, at least it’s pretty.

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Friday Quickie

Now that summer is over, let us roll up our beach mats and head indoors for some table tennis! Kidding…kind of. But please do file that away as my official complaint regarding today’s weather forecast.

Speaking of table tennis, or as it’s known in some circles ‘ping pong’, this new Knorr ad has been appearing in a few of the blogs I follow. Wait until the fifteen second mark and you’ll see why.

It was created by BorghiErh/Lowe, Brazil. I love how it makes fun of the Internet. It makes me appreciate and admire how far the understanding of the online market has come. Knorr, a powdered soup company is poking fun at internet videos. Ha! Good one, boys.

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Where’s My Switch?

Finally summer arrives in Vancouver. And here I am, just as in winter, an observer of the weather from my office window. (Sad trombone.)

The glow of my monitor, however, is slowly starting to take a back seat to the shiny fire orb in the sky. The orb seems to want me to come up with some sort of excuse, any excuse to leave the office early. If we had stairs in this office, I’d consider throwing myself down them.

Weather like this makes me crave a hot patio and an ice-cold beer (or three). Maybe that’s why this Heineken ad by TBWA \NEBOKO caught my eye. Or maybe because it’s another brilliant example of gorgeous (high-budget) advertising. This new spot is called ‘The Switch’, and no, that isn’t Amy Winehouse behind the mic. The title song for this visual extravaganza is called ‘Love Letter’ and it’s performed by Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes.

Enjoy while I go lick the bathroom door handle.

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Friday Morning Movie: Follow Fish

Friday animated short time! But it’s not a short movie, it’s an animated ad.

I stumbled across this two-minute thirty-second advert, developed by Leagas Delaney in Hamburg. It’s promoting the company Fish & More and their 100% sustainable fishing brand called Followfish.

This extended commercial showcases the problem of global overfishing. It also shows how sustainable fishing can help to turn things around and that it’s not too late to reverse the damage.

This spot is amazing. Not only is the message inspiring, the illustration, done by Veronika Kieneke and animated by Nico Uthe, is mesmerizing.

No wonder it won Gold in Design at the Art Directors Club Europe 2012 Awards.


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I Don’t Know Much About Cars…

Check out this new Smart Car Fortwo commercial, created to announce the car’s exciting new facelift.

This advert is fully loaded with kabuki-mask-faced pseudo-celebrities hawking the new Fortwo. A bizarre concept, but you can’t help and stare. I couldn’t find which agency created this spot, but if you know, please leave it in the comments below.

Amanda Lepore was the main star of that commercial (besides the car). If you don’t know who she is, you should Google Image search her. That will keep you busy for at least forty-five minutes. And if you were wondering about the headline, you’ll be pleased to know that Armada is also a singer.


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