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What does Gravity, a Chicken, & a Monsoon Have in Common?

They’re no match for Samsonite luggage, that’s what!

Saatchi & Saatchi Belgium released this series of three ads for Samsonite luggage. Three great ads that demonstrate the product benefits in a fun, lighthearted, and memorable way.


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Rethink Endangered

Let’s finish the week with some really strong print creative from Brazil. Ad agency Fischer put together these solid ads for Conservation International. The idea? If man needed the meat of endangered species, would they be endangered? When there is an economical interest, people find a solution.

(Click on the ad for a bigger image.)


arara_42x28_final_aotw tamandua_42x28_final_aotw panda_42x28_final_aotw

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Spank You, Italy

Check out the set of print creative I found from Italian ad agency ALCH1M1A (what?).

At first glance, the illustration looks fun! Oh! Bright colours! But then you look at it… and well, it’s kind of effed-up.

This sauce company, Gionis, launched its squeeze bottles and decided to announce it to the world through  a series of illustrated bottles semi-sexually spanking fresh-faced boys and big-breasted ladies.

I mean, who wouldn’t automatically go there?

Gionis5 Gionis1 Gionis3


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SURVEY: How Do You Stay Creative?

Tell me how you stoke your creative fires. It’s only three short questions – and they’re pretty funny if I do say so myself. C’mon!
Click here to take survey

Click the image to go to the survey.

Or click the image to go to the survey. Your choice. I don’t care.

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It’s That Time of Year!

Time to pull out this oldie, but goodie. Happy holidays, agency friends.




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Long Live Imagination

And the ridiculous things photographers do to get that perfect shot.

I’m sure my photog friends can relate to this hilarious Canon ad by Grey NYC. It’s a great tribute to photography and photographers everywhere.

The song is Beautiful Dreamer, sung by Rachel Fannan of Only You.


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10 Tips to Getting a Job at an Advertising Agency

Do you really want to work in an ad agency, but don’t know how to get your foot in the door? Check out the article I just wrote for FreshGig.ca, sharing 10 tips on how to get a job at an agency.

Knock out the competition with these great tips!

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Gruen Returns!

The Gruen Transfer, one of my favorite (Australian) television shows announced yesterday that it will be returning with a four episode Olympic special called Gruen Sweat, followed by ten episodes of Gruen Planet.

If you’ve never heard of Gruen Transfer and Gruen Planet, then you’re missing out. Gruen is an Australian television series which focuses on advertising, branding, spin and all that juicy stuff. The program is hosted by stand-up comedian Wil Anderson who hosts a panel of advertising industry experts like Russel Howcroft of George Patterson Y&R and Todd Sampson (so dreamy) of Leo Burnett.

Here’s a taste:

So as you’ve seen, the series has great segments, like “The Pitch”, where ad agencies go up against each other to sell the unsellable. Here’s two agencies trying to sell the idea of child labour.

Or this one, where agencies are asked to create ads to convince the tourists to visit Asbestos, Quebec.

And finally, “Ad Crunch”, where the experts sit around and dissect advertising creative. In this clip, they go after McDonalds and the launch of the Angus Burger in Australia.

There are a TON of episodes and clips online and I highly recommend you go to YouTube and spend at least an hour watching. Especially if you plan on catching the new episodes when they come out!


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Bear With Me

I was feeling uninspired today – but that changed when I was introduced to Expedia’s Japanese campaign!

It’s not a new campaign. In fact, back in October 2010, MSNBC wrote about how the campaign was on the verge of, but had not gone viral, based on the number of clicks the videos received. Sadly, not much has changed since then. But who cares? It’s a dancing bear with a hula hoop. And this pleases me.

(That’s what I look like when I try to hula-hoop.)

There are 44 videos on the YouTube page dedicated to this furry traveller. I don’t know which ad agency came up with this idea, or if Expedia Japan came up with this internally. So let’s just watch another one.

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Charlie Brown Ad Agency Xmas

I posted this last year. But it’s so good, it needs to be posted annually. Merry Christmas, fellow advertising whores.

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