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Dark Noir

Happy Friday. Check out this 3 min animated short commercial for Absolut Vodka by Sid Lee, Amsterdam.


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Absolut Electro Desert Dog Race

What do you get when you mix a broken mirror ball, a bag of feathers, a roll of tinfoil, three robot dogs and The Swedish House Mafia? An Absolut Vodka commercial, of course.

This 3:30 spot was created by TBWA and takes us to the desert where we get to watch some electro Greyhound dogs mysteriously controlled by house music, race against each other for the entertainment of a Steampunk-meets-Lady-Gaga-looking crowd.

There are some awkward moments that could have been left on the cutting room floor, but the concept is unique. The Gaga-esque costumes are interesting and the track by Swedish House Mafia carries the spot. Overall not too shabs.


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