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Upcoming Vancouver Events

A couple of things to mark on your calendars:

SO MUCH DATA, TOO LITTLE ANALYSIS: Improve profitability with business analytics

Thursday, November 29
7:15 am – 2:00 pm
Tickets: $79+ hst
Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building

Find out how to use your organization’s data in a more timely and useful fashion to improve profitability and growth. The event features a number of speakers with expertise in sectors like manufacturing and supply chain management, e-commerce, and retail and consumer services marketing.

  • It’s an early start with breakfast and the keynote from Eric Morris, Head of Search and Mobile Advertising at Google Canada. This will be kicking off the event at 7:30 – 9:15 am.
  • Breakout sessions are then held from 9:30 – 10:15 am.
  • Networking break from 10:15 – 10:30 am.
  • More breakout sessions from 10:30 – 11:15 am.
     (Don’t miss my bestie Kelsey Breakey on the Marketing Panel. Hey gurl!)
  • Finally lunch and a keynote wraps up the day from 12:15 – 2pm.

More information & tickets here.


ABCOM Christmas Lunch

Friday, November 30
Doors at 11am, lunch served at noon, Mosiac bar post-lunch & beyond.
Tickets: $700/table (seats 10) or $70.00 each ticket + HST
Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, Grand Ballroom

What is there to say about the ABCOM Christmas Lunch, except maybe don’t plan on returning to the office afterwards. It’s the only lunch event that I’ve ever been to that has an after party. These are my people. A yearly gathering of the advertising and broadcast folks, all in one room, eating, drinking, and winning some sweet door prizes. Oh, and partial proceeds go to NABS!

More information & tickets here.

You never know who you’ll meet at ABCOM. Especially after five hours of cocktails.

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Meet the Horseless Headsman

It’s October and Halloween candy is filling the store shelves.

It’s about this time of the year where my mum goes and stocks up with two large boxes of assorted candies ‘for the kids’. But by the time the 31st actually rolls around, she’ll need to go and buy one more to replace the original two – which she and my dad have eaten. Lucky for them, each year, they get about three kids in total. So there are plenty of leftovers.

Halloween is also the time when Snickers releases some pretty bizarre creative. Remember the Grocery Store Lady?

Totally funny – but a little creepy.

Today’s spot is new for 2012 and it’s a little less creepy – and doesn’t deliver quite as much of the funny. It’s got it’s moments, but when compared to the grocery lady it falls a tad flat. The spot was created by BBDO NYC and is called the Horseless Headsman.

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Vancouver Marketing Event

I signed up for this today – and I’m super excited!

Innovate. Cross-pollinate. Co-Create.

The Premiere Canadian Cross-Media Showcase

Come celebrate the best + brightest 360 talent + innovation at The 3rd Annual Merging Media Conference, a power packed event that brings together cross-media thought leaders + first movers to a world-class stage to explore 360 trends, award-winning strategies + cutting edge technology!

This is the third annual Merging Media Conference happening in Vancouver. This Canadian cross-media showcase brings together media professionals from film, television, mobile, games and interactive media to enjoy a “Best in Class” showcase and discuss the rapidly evolving cross-media/transmedia industry, while exploring cutting edge platforms + technology.

Check out the agenda and list of VERY impressive speakers here. And if you’re going, let me know. I need someone to sit with.

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No Need to Get Nasty

BBDO New York releases another funny FedEx ad. This brings the total to… too many to count.

This particular spot, called ‘Candidates’, is promoting FedEx Office, a service from FedEx to create marketing and promotional materials.


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Find Greatness (By Dancing Under the Red Tape)

Nike is not an Olympic sponsor for London 2012

Adidas is the one who bought-in for millions, joining the ever-so-healthy Coke and McDonald’s as lead sponsors.

So what’s a girl to do when she just wants to show her Olympic spirit? Get creative. This new Nike spot launched today, and if you look closely, there are no direct references to the Olympics. In fact, they can’t mention London 2012, the London Games, or anything related to “The Games”.

They decided to locate every other London on earth, fly there, and film people playing a wide variety of sports which may also be Olympic sports. Sneaky bees! It’s a great spot, creative, inspirational, and a big, fat in-your-face to the games.

But we paid millions!!

Anyone know the agency so I can high five them?


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At the Top of the Sodium

There are certain questions that seem to have no answer. How big is the universe? Why is Nickleback famous? Who shot JR? And why is McDonald’s the official sponsor for every major sporting event across the globe?

Let’s take the Olympics for example. McDonald’s first started slipping their hands down the pants of the Olympic Committee back in 1968, when they airlifted hamburgers to athletes competing in Grenoble, France.

Then the fast food behemoth became the Official Sponsor for the 1976 Montreal Summer Games, and was the sponsor of the National Olympic Committees in several countries around the world from ’88-’94. I guess you could call that ‘second base’.

By 1996, McDonald’s had fully mounted the Olympic Committee from behind. They joined the Top Olympic Program (the acronym is so fitting) and became a Worldwide Sponsor. In fact, McDonald’s was the first branded restaurant to operate in an Olympic Village, pumping the athletes full of pink slime, massive amounts of sodium and ingredients that you’d need a PhD in both linguistics and chemistry to pronounce.

Yes, I realize these kinds of events need sponsors. But perhaps the Olympic Committee could have found some that align with the values of The Games. McDonald’s sponsoring the Olympics makes as much sense as Marlboro sponsoring the Lung Foundation.

Here’s one of the latest Olympic sponsorship spots from McDonald’s, targeting kids, and using the Olympic mascots to sling Happy Meals. Super sporty, guys.

Furthermore, Leo Burnett London just released the following ad promoting another misaligned sponsorship, this one for the UEFA Euro 2012. MacDonald’s actually created something called the ‘Championship Menu’.

This spot, entitled ‘Seats’, is supposed to show the contrast between a high stress of watching a match, versus the relaxed atmosphere of MacDonald’s. Ahhh, the tranquility of trans-fats.

Thursday rant complete.

Straight to the top of the podium. Right after a quick nap.


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Volkswagen Named CLIO Award’s 2012 Global Advertiser of the Year

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Fantastic Mr. Anderson

I’m hardly ever excited to post car commercials, but these I like.

The following two spots for the 2012 Hyundai Azera were directed by Wes Anderson, writer and director of such films as The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The ads are fun to watch and weave in the benefits messaging quite seamlessly. The agency responsible is Innocean Worldwide.

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That Typeface Says “I Have No Future!”

Check out the 2012 Dallas ADDY Awards promotional spots which illustrate the idea that many of us who work in advertising, might be a little obsessed with it (I have no clue what they are talking about). Below are a few of my favorites in the bunch.

See the rest of the ads in the series here. And more info on the ADDYS here.


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Use the Force

Without further adieu, here it is in all its glory. The Volkswagen 2012 game day commercial.

By Deutsch, LA.

(Fun fact: if you do a Google search for “new 2012 bug”, you get some pretty sick medical shots, including flesh-eating disease. Stick with “Beetle”.)

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