About Me

I fell into a career in advertising way back in 1998. The first years were spent as a print producer and running creative departments. Then I switched over to the dark side account services. My clients have included Rocky Mountaineer, Tourism BC, General Paint and many others.

I went back to a very short gig as a producer and realized that was no longer my thing. So now I work as account manager/writer/planner/producer/etc. And I love it. I prefer to do a little bit of everything and I feel that helps me understand my industry and in turn, deliver the best product to my clients.

Living in Vancouver, I am a lover of scotch, kittens and the smell of freshly printed brochures. I’m a hater of pantyhose, mouth-breathers and drinking the Kool-aid… unless it’s spiked with vodka .

I have met some of the most talented and intelligent people in this industry and would love to contribute something – perhaps entertainment – to the community that has given so much to me. And since you asked, my dear friends coined the name Dame and it seems to come in handy online as the user name Jenn Wallis is almost always taken.

Welcome to my world.

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7 responses to “About Me

  1. Cec

    Hi Jenn,
    I pop in to your blog for a few weeks ago.
    Like you I fell into a career in advertising for a couple of years. And I love it. I work as a print producer in Stockholm, Sweden.
    You seems to have good knowledge about the business in Vancouver. This maybe seems to be a quite weird question, do you know any wellknown advertising agencis in Vancouver? In summer me and my boyfriend moving to your lovely city – Vancouver.

    Keep up good working with your blog!
    / Cec

    • Hi Cec,

      I would suggest spending some time doing internet searches for Vancouver Ad Agencies. Take a look at the Lotus Awards, the BCAMA (BC chapter of the American Marketing Association), NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) West, and BCAIM (direct marketing association) in particular. That will give you an idea of the agencies in Vancouver, their clients and the type of work they do.

      Some of the larger agencies here would be TBWA, Cossette West, TAXI Creative, Rethink Communications, Gray, DDB, and Wasserman to name a few. But this market is also full of up-and-coming botique agencies which are putting out some great work.

      Good luck on your search, congratulations on making the move to the best city in the world and keep reading my blog! 🙂


  2. Holy Shit>>and a talented writer too??
    What will you do next? Perform a colonoscopy on a Rhino?
    Lets wait and find out.

    P. Nikky

    • Thanks Pauly. Not sure if I would start with a rhino. Perhaps something a little smaller. Like a rabbit. Or some sort of pheasant. Give my regards to Chicago.

  3. Hi Jen,
    You and I have similar backgrounds, a common friend directed me to your blog. I married a creative director that’s my only close tie to advertising other then I have worked in Print most of my career. I would like to go agency side, any suggestions on how to get into it?


    • Hi Dirke,

      My thoughts on how to get into an agency:

      1. Apply, apply, apply. Stay on top of the job postings and submit a killer resume when you see an opening that interests you.

      2. Start going to industry functions. Meet the people who work in the agencies. Sometimes the old saying is true, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

      3. Study the agencies you want to work at. Why do you want to work there? What appeals to you? Learn their client lists and take an interest in the work they put out. This will be helpful come interview time.

      4. A friend of mine also called and scheduled interviews with ad agencies – not for any particular job, but just to talk with the account people and see what they do and how they like their jobs. It expanded his industry contacts and he got a lot of value out of that.

      Best of luck and thanks for checking out my blog!


  4. Great idea’s Thanks, much appreciated…

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