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Gone golfin’

Today is the ABCOM golf tournament. So no posts today. I’m busy ripping the bumpers off golf carts and wearing inappropriate footwear. (Never played a game in my life – probably won’t be invited back after this.) See you on Friday!




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There’s something dark and haunting about the following videos. I really like the mix of video and animation. I don’t think they would be nearly as interesting without the animation. The music works great with the feel of the visuals.

All together, there are seven short videos created by French filmmakers Simon Bonneau and Thomas Pons for a band called Moongaï.  The project is called “Hypermonde”  and it was produced by CHIVTEAM.

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Quebec City!

I’m back! And I didn’t freeze to death. Partially thanks to the official drink of Carnaval called Caribou! I’m just going to deviate from the usual ad post and share with you, instead, this delicious boozy bevy recipe. Live in a cold part of the country? I suggest you try this drink. A couple of these and you can survive the coldest weather.

Quebec Carnaval

Caribou Recipe (for 10 people, or 3 party animals)
3 oz. Vodka
3 oz. Brandy
12 ½ oz. Canadian Sherry
12 ½ oz. Canadian Port


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Blogging Simplified

Love it. This could actually be a really great graphic to explain blogging to clients who may not know anything about the subject.


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Baby’s Bad Day At The Office

Have you ever had those days where you just could not stand your job? I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at one point or another. When I first graduated high school, I took a job in the shipping department of well-known bus company. It was during Christmas time, when the line for sending parcels went out the door and wrapped around the building from the time that we opened until the time that we closed.

We were all working as hard and as fast as we possibly could. And the technology that we used back then wasn’t exactly cutting-edge. There was a lot of hand-writing and manual weighing of parcels. A lot of conversation needed to take place to process the parcels. People would come in with gift-wrapped boxes, having cards attached with a piece of scotch tape on the outside, expecting full-well that this gift would make it from Abbotsford to Oshawa in bus trailer, unscathed, with the card still attached.

Needless to say we had to re-wrap many of the items that came through. Top that up with the industrial shipping that was still going on. Engine blocks and helicopter parts (I had some pretty big biceps at that time from all the lifting).

Anyway, it was almost nine at night. I had been working since eight in the morning. My feet were killing me, I was hungry and could not wait to sit down. The last customer came in and I started asking her for her shipping info – did she want insurance, anything breakable, explosive, alive, etc. when she unexpectedly started in on me. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?” “Why do you people not have longer hours?” “This is the worst experience of my life.” “Maybe if you worked faster and more efficiently, I would not have to wait in such a long line.”

I was doing everything in my power to not bite her head off. But it got so bad that I took a breath, excused myself and went to the back and poured myself a coffee. She was still at the counter, I’m sure planning her next insult. I sat down, thumbed through the paper. Took a sip of the burnt coffee, and starting working on mustering up the strength to go out and finish up with this… lady.

Eventually I did. I pretty much ignored her constant berating, and at the end, told her to have a Merry Christmas. That job was an experience to say the least. Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, right? It might not have been the best plan of action, but it probably saved me an assault charge.

Web Urbanist put together a list of bizarre, terrible and just plain strange jobs. I didn’t even know some of these existed. I’m considering applying for the Professional Sleeper job. I have a lot of experience.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Tomorrow I am meeting with someone who just moved here from Toronto. He wanted to get an idea of the Vancouver ad scene and asked to chat with ‘lil ol’ me. It made me start thinking about the overall advertising agency scene – not just in Vancouver, but across Canada and the States.

There is no real data or a great source that I came across in my initial search for information. All I’ve been hearing is that East Coast US agencies continue to bleed people. During the recession, the US lost around 160,000 jobs in our industry, says Ad Age. (I want to subscribe to their “ad data” to get more info on worldwide agencies, but not sure if it’s worth the cash yet.)

Apparently we, as an industry, are now recovering and when I look at the job openings on the various sites, I see major growth job growth throu

These are the new cool kids

ghout the industry. But I think the shift is in full-force now. The traditionalists are either evolving or dying off. The whole time they were resisting an inevitable change, it was going on around them. Print is no longer what it used to be – but online is yet to be fully discovered. So where does that leave us? Needless to say, gone are the days of the mass DM. Now we worry about open and bounce rates instead of indicias. Environmental sensitivity is rising and the public has been calloused against many forms of advertising.

Client’s options are now expanding beyond the traditional advertising agency. Considering the recent financial upsets, clients are now, more than ever hyper-sensitive to cost. And rightfully so. I think the past year has been an opportunity for reflection for both, clients and agencies. Clients expect far more from their agencies, more than they have received in the past. And agencies now need to either tighten their belts or risk losing the client to a smaller, more nimble provider.

I’ve noticed these smaller shops coming up and they are really making their mark. (GO LITTLE GUY!) They may have fewer clients, but they have a strong focus and strategic partners to propel the business forward. Now is the time to do more with less. These smaller shops have team members who are multi-talented, forward-thinking, proactive individuals who are not about to sit back and play the “ad game”. It’s not game, it’s a business. Your clients expect results not lip service.

Budgets are drying up on both sides and online seems to be the logical answer. DMs have become eDMs. Newsletters are now e-newsletters. Print ads have given way to big box, banners and skyscrapers. Is tangible advertising completely on its way out? What about billboards and transit? Will they too go the way of the newspapers? *sputter*

As of today, the majority of openings in our industry all programmers, developers, animators…basically if you still have all of your Star Wars figurines in their original packaging, you won’t have a problem finding a job.  But for the rest of us analog drones who are trying to sort out what the next step should be, well, I would say pick up your lightsabers and figure it out. The face of the industry is changing and we need to keep up. What exactly that entails is still to be determined. But if you figure it out, let me know.

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Merry Advertising Agency Christmas, Charlie Brown

I saw this last year. It is worth a re-post.

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Taking A Week Off – See U Next Thursday!

Gone searching for inspiration.

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A Great Link From a Friend!

Hello all – I’ve been a little absent from blogging lately as things have been pretty busy. A dear friend passed on a great link for 20 steps to a successful job hunt. These are great – and inspirational.

Take a read!


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The article of the day

I am busy being spoiled at my parent’s house for the past two days. Trying to kick this darn cold once and for all. But I want to share an interesting article with you on resumes and telling your story.

I think you should understand where you are and where you want to go before you embark on interviews or networking. I, myself, have had some recent breakthroughs in my direction. But that’s another post.

Take a look at this article and I will post again when I get home and put away my fifty rolls of TP from Costco and all my homemade soup! 01357MommyLovesYouPosters

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