Science Says

With over five million views in just a few short days, this video has gone uber-viral. Which would normally turn me off from posting it on my blog, but it made me so angry that I had to rant.

This ridiculous video is an ad, created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi for Beldent gum. It’s a totally unscientific experiment where they try to prove that people who chew gum look more friendly and more popular than those who don’t. Especially when those who are not chewing gum have a severe case of Resting Bitch Face.

When you chew gum, especially with your mouth open, you look like cow. Gum snappers, loud chewers, people who spit their gum on the sidewalk… stop it. SWITCH TO MINTS. For those of you who discretely chew your gum and dispose of it properly, carry on.

But science said it will make me more popular!

But science said it will make me more popular!



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  1. THANK YOU! It really pissed me off how people took this ad’s “findings” as proof that gum-chewers are perceived as friendlier. People who don’t chew gum don’t all have derpy faces all the time. Ugh.

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