‘I guess that ‘Mac gettin’ eaten’

McDonald’s working with TBWA France launched this new ad campaign with simplified visuals (they call them “pictos”) of their food products.

(Click for a larger image.)


That’s it. Those are the print ads. Recognizable – but not exactly appetizing. However, on that note, neither was their song choice for the TV spot.

The campaign includes a short video of a band of McVandals painting the town with these pictos. The soundtrack? Azealia Bank’s ‘212’.

To say the lyrics of this song are a little inappropriate would be an understatement. And since this is a family blog (not really, but my mom reads it sometimes), I’m not posting the lyrics, but you can go check them out here. (Not you, mom. You wouldn’t like it.)

Sure they just used the intro of the song and none of the lyrics… but knowing the song, I can’t help to think of the chorus in my head while I watch this spot. And that makes me laugh… uncomfortably.



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One response to “‘I guess that ‘Mac gettin’ eaten’

  1. While I’d normally make a comment on how I effective this ad is likely to be, I can’t stop laughing about the music they used. I’d say that the simplified visuals and the (hopefully) unintended presence of the lyrics for people whom know them would make this a very, very bad advertisement.

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