Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

a-funny-looking-rooster-chickenIf chickens laid bottles of beer instead of eggs, I would change careers and become a farmer faster than you can say ‘Betty Ford’.

Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi created this spot for Andes Barley Wine… which is not a wine… it’s a beer. It’s confusing. It’s Argentinian.

Media Bistro broke it down like this:

Barley wine is a strong, top fermented ale originating from England in the 18th century. It typically has around 8-12% alcohol by volume. Translation: This shit is strong and will get you crunk if you drink it like you would a lager. The word “wine” is meant to indicate that the ale has similar alcohol content to a wine, not that it tastes like or resembles wine.

This shit is strong and will get you crunk” …sign me up! I wonder if that’s how the waiter describes it when you order this in a restaurant.

Anyhow, the ad is kind of funny, but it’s far too long and I had to watch it twice because I thought initially the chicken was trying to just balance on a beer bottle, not that it had laid the beer bottle.




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