Brazil Nuts

The following is an actual campaign created by Y&R, Sao Paulo for Densia yogurt.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I would venture to say this creative is not exactly going to resonate with the middle-aged women suffering from poor digestion, a.k.a the main purchasers of yogurt. Clearly they’re going after this target as they’re promoting “young bones” through calcium and vitamin D.

However – again, going out on that limb – even as a shystery youth, I never did any of the things depicted in these ads. Sadly this campaign is just not doing it for me – which is a shame because I like the style of the illustrations. Anyone who can figure out how to draw a skeleton lighting its own fart on fire gets a thumbs up in my books.

danone-densia-fart danone-densia-bomb danone-densia-joke


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One response to “Brazil Nuts

  1. Dettie AdLife

    Worst campaign ever.

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