Man Sized Packages

Despite what Jaime Lee Curtis might tell you, yogurt is not just for ladies. Enter “Powerful Yogurt” in a ‘man sized package’. These commercials look like the unwanted love-child from a drunken three-way between the Old Spice, Orbitz and AXE Body Deodorant ads.

Created by The Vidal Project, these spots are desperately trying to claw their way into the “wow! that was so bizarre it was amazing!” category. Sadly, they missed the mark.



Filed under Friday Morning Movie

2 responses to “Man Sized Packages

  1. The amount of terrible objectification in those is ridiculous. The last one is the “best/worst” because of the amount of difficulty the lumber jack has trying to give a sexy toothy smile while curling his lips around a spoonful of yogurt.

  2. Wow. So horribly wrong, on so many horrible levels.

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