Greenpeace on Coke

greenpeacecFrom what I understand in Australia, they don’t have a return-it program for bottles. At least not one that gives you money in exchange for your empty bottles. Which leads me to wonder two things;

  1. What do the homeless people do for money?
  2. And why wouldn’t they have this program when over 80% of Australians agree with it?

Greenpeace worked with Republic of Everyone to create an ad, informing people about the impact plastic bottles have on our environment… OK, so maybe not just any plastic bottle. This seems to be targeting Coke.


Apparently “Coke has been accused of bullying politicians into blocking cash for containers.” says Greenpeace Campaigner Reece Turner. But a sole focus on Coke might have been the reason this very ad was banned from TV. I guess the folks over at Channel 9 decided not to bite the giant, red hand that feeds them.

After this commercial break, check out the open letter from Greenpeace to Coke.


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