Get Happy vs. Das Hund

Hello, Chefs. There are two dishes on the chopping block today. Both prepared for us by Volkswagen.

The first, Volkswagen’s ‘Get Happy’ spot by Deutsch LA. Which is supposed to be their Super Bowl spot, but was released early and is now “causing a lot of controversy” – this according to news sources.

WHAT? Who finds this controversial? Whoever it was probably confused the word “controversial” with the word “mediocre”. Please. This spot is about as controversial as my last pedicure. Is it good? No. Did  I pay too much for what I got? Probably. Is it repulsive? Not at all. It will pass if no one looks too closely. But I won’t be going there again.


DDB Amsterdam brings us the next Volkswagen spot. Which I must say is leaps and bounds (or kibbles and bits) better than the first spot I made you sit through.

Meet ‘Das Hund’.



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One response to “Get Happy vs. Das Hund

  1. VW ads with dogs are Fargengroovin’. (Fahrvergnügen)

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