January. Time to Shut the Buck Up

I’m pretty sure that I don’t understand half of what this gap-toothed little muffin is singing, but nonetheless, it’s adorable. ivy

This commercial stars Ivy Pratt. Ivy tells us to buck up and focus on the good things in life during this miserable January weather, like the The Sun’s Big Smile Giveaway. Creative by Grey, London.



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4 responses to “January. Time to Shut the Buck Up

  1. Marina

    Hi there,
    She is adorable,but then being her mum,I am biased!Which bits can’t you make out?

    • She’s totally adorable! It would be great to have a full transcription of what she’s singing. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Marina

        The singing bit is …”Singing January’s dodgy,your’e skint and feeling podgy,but smile and watch the month whizz past.Forget the bills,and hips like hills,and let’s just have a laugh,cos together we’re going to kick Januaaarrys bottom!”

  2. Kay Rudkin

    I love this advert! My 13 and 14 year old shout to me when it’s on if i’m in the bathroom, it makes me smile. More adverts should be like this rather than those irritating insurance adverts.

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