Get In Shape Girl

It was back to the gym for me today after two weeks of holidays. Boo.

My ideal exercise routine.

My ideal exercise routine.

6:30 AM is the best time to avoid the crowds, especially in January with the New Years Resolution posse and their one-month long effort to get scrawnballs USA.

I got to work a little early after my workout, and came across these ads for Planet Fitness, a company who identifies themselves as ‘not a gym’. The ads are super cheesy and they look a little bit like the beginning of a soft-core porn. But they probably speak directly to a few of the target audience’s concerns. And they’re kind of funny.

Creative by RT+P

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One response to “Get In Shape Girl

  1. Nice stuff and great call with getting down there early on, to avoid the January chaos.

    I’m really hoping to kick my own ass out of bed earlier to get down in the mornings these days, too. Thing is, I always seem to take it too far and either get there for 6am EVERY SINGLE DAY or not at all. Moderation, perhaps, is key here.

    Good luck getting back into it 🙂

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