What Makes You Creepy?

I love mustaches! I think they’re great. (I’m also hot for knuckle tattoos, but that’s a different blog post.)

I enjoy a man with some facial hair. Especially when he takes the time to groom it properly. Go ahead, deep condition your ‘stache.

Somebody get this man some knuckle tattoos.

I won’t judge. I’ll just twirl it around my finger and comment on how soft and silky it is.

OK… this is getting a little creepy.

But you know what’s not creepy? Mustaches.

That’s why I was so pleased to see TAXI 2 upload this new Movember spot called ‘David’s Big Problem‘. Yes, it’s off-beat and a little lengthy, and there may be some questionable bits, but all-in-all, I give it two handlebars out of three.


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One response to “What Makes You Creepy?

  1. Lannnnnnnnnnny

    I loved the ad, and good for them, but I think Movember’s issue isn’t that mustaches are creepy, it’s that for the most part it’s seen as a mustache growing contest vs a prostate charity (and now male mental health) charity.

    Most of my friends saw the campaign posters up around town and who see the commerical with the son and his dad as still growing a mustach as the central theme of movermber rather charity or donating…

    anyway, just my thoughts, however, I like the ad as a response to the “mustaches look creepy” context (because a whole lotta dudes this month sure look creepy!)

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